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I know that the System Update feature of Vantage automatically installs critical and recommended driver updates as they become available. How can I configure the day and time that the updates are installed?



The installation of System Updates is configured by scheduled tasks that are created by Lenovo System Interface Foundation.  There are 2 scheduled tasks in Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Lenovo -> ImController -> Plugins:


1.  LenovoSystemUpdatePlugin_TVSUUpdateTask_Once - this scheduled task is designed to run one time soon after installation, to bring the system up to date.  The scheduled task is automatically deleted a few hours later.

2.  LenovoSystemUpdatePlugin_WeeklyTask - this scheduled task is designed to run once per week.


If you want to control the time that updates are installed, here is one way to do it:

A.  Delete the LenovoSystemUpdatePlugin_TVSUUpdateTask_Once scheduled task (if it hasn't already been deleted automatically - see #1 above).

B.  Modify the LenovoSystemUpdatePlugin_WeeklyTask to run at a time and day that you want.


Any feedback or follow-up questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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OK, I'll just post it here since it is software specific, not platfrom or device specific. Feel free to move my question/issue where appropriate.


Basically, when launching a check on system / driver update available, get a warning message there was a problem getting any new updates, followed up by the suggestion to check later or visit the Lenovo support site.


Waiding through the Vantage logs tvsu_200113XXXXXX.log at




found only one error repeating many times:


Severe 2020-01-13 , 04:34:10.963
в Tvsu.Nls.NlsResources..ctor()
Message: Error loading NLS at runtime
Message: File 'C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\iMController\Plugins\LenovoSystemUpdatePlugin\x64\MappingInterface.xml' was not found.
Type: System.IO.FileNotFoundException


Tried all other options with this app - everything seems to operate as intended. The path above, however is really missing... Any solutions?