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 How can I set (or disable) a battery charge threshold on my ThinkPad computer without using Vantage?


It can be done in the following steps:

1.  Confirm that the Lenovo Power Manager device is installed in Device Manager -> System Devices.  This driver is installed automatically by Windows Update.  (See note below if you are deployment engineer and want to deploy the driver as part of MDT or SCCM.)

2.  Download ChargeThreshold.exe

3.  To set the charge threshold as 80%, run this command from a command prompt:  ChargeThreshold.exe on 80

4.  To disable the charge threshold:  ChargeThreshold.exe off

5.  To see more options:  ChargeThreshold.exe


Note for deployment engineers:

The Lenovo Power Manager driver can be imported into your driver store, same as the SCCM driver package.  You can get it here:

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What could be the cause if the set threshold resets immediately? (see picture)



@userXt, what model ThinkPad and BIOS version do you have?



I have a Thinkpad T480s - 20L7CTO1WW

BIOS: LENOVO N22ET50W (1.27 ), 07.11.2018

It's the same I have here, but mine works.  I'm asking author of ChargeThreshold.exe what could cause your problem and how to debug it.  Please wait.



@userXt, the author of ChargeThreshold.exe can't imagine how your problem happens, and we can't reproduce it here.  I'm going to send you a private message with a method to collect some logs that might give us a clue.


OK, thanks!


Hi, I have the same problem as userXt with a Thinkpad T480


Have you found a solution?


 Hi Carlotronics ,

yes, they fixed this.

You have to download and install this fix:


Basically, this error occurs in some Eruopean Versions of Windows 10.


Have a nice day!


Charging threshold is amazing feature. 90% of time i use laptop connected to dock. Sometimes i disconnect it to make a call in quite place. So 60% (charge until 95%) threshold works great for me. But sometimes i take my laptop, for example, on weekend. And want to charge it till 100%. So with this scritp i can change the threshold values with just two clicks on shortcuts ( example: first- charge below 50% and stop at 100%, second (after full charge) - 60% and 95%. But it still two clicks. I think the hotkey or a hardware button like "charge 100%" will be very usefull. Thanks a lot for this script!!


and one more question: what is the best value of battery charge for using with dock? 95 is better than 100, that i know. but may be the lower value will extend battery life?

This is not something that I've personally done, but it should be possible to link your scripts to keyboard shortcuts that you create yourself.


My personal opinion, based on discussions with Lenovo's battery engineers, is that the charge threshold simply doesn't matter UNLESS you use your laptop like a desktop, e.g. plugged in 24/7/365.  This is the scenario that the charge threshold was designed for.  It was definitely not designed for your scenario where you use the laptop plugged in some days and unplugged other days.  The battery is designed to be used and the scenario you described seems like perfectly normal (and common) use.  I realize a lot of people disagree with me and you can find many different opinions about Li-Ion and Li-Poly battery health on many different forums.  Just my 2 cents!


Why is it not possible with the updated Lenovo Vantage to enable battery conservation mode on my laptop (Lenovo G50), which keeps the charge at around 60%?

I have just had to install a new version of Vantage (20.1908.3.0) because the original version (installed when I bought the machine, Lenovo G50, in 2017) suddenly refused to work.

I use my laptop plugged in almost all the time, and the older version of Vantage allowed me to enable (and disable) battery conservation, which I understand helps preserve battery life. 

I do not really want to have to engage with the complexities of ChargeThreshold.exe, and do not see why I should have to!