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Cannot detect Raid controller

2017-12-20, 20:48 PM
I am updating the FW for Avago N2215. I have 20 different x3650 M5's. On most of them I can see the Device in the list with a check box. The probem I have is that some of them do not see the Device N2215. I have provided a screen shot. How do I resolve this. I have collected inveontory again on those systems having issues.

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Re: Cannot detect Raid controller

2017-12-27, 20:00 PM

So not sure of all the details, you can contact service & support to officially open a ticket to resolve your issue, otherwise:


"I have 20 different x3650 M5's. On most of them I can see the Device in the list with a check box."

firs tthing, have you tried the blue refresh button on the apply activate page? its on the XClarity gui itself, not the browser refresh of F5. look slike two swirly blue arrows. Try it first, or empty browser cache, etc.


inventory of the XClarity is based on what is reported by the IMM/UEFI/other devices. So do all these servers have the same level of UEFI/IMM/pDSA/N220 series etc firmware? your screenshot only shows the apply activate page and can't tell if both have or do not have the same levels of firmware..


compare a working server to a not working one.

See if the difference is newer or older firmware.


Also make sure the server hasn't been powered recently.  The raid cards etc report to UEFI, UEFI reports to IMM, if the server is turned off, UEFI doesn't give IMM the inventory info, IMM is up 24/7. This can happen during updates and power cycling.


You can also check hardware etc, firmware etc, then as last resort, when XClarity reboots, it does a re-inventory of all end points. So;


reboot XClarity

clear browser cache


then once up, login and compare your two server again.


I checked howto's and found a bunch of links for the past month, including what looks like a 115x driver version for the n2200 cards (not related to your issue that  I can see)




I would say open a ticket with Service & Support to get this resolved. Hope this helped, Happy Holidays!






Thank You!

Alan Hawkins
7001 Development Dr Morrisville, NC 27560

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Re: Cannot detect Raid controller

2018-09-30, 10:38 AM



We bougth a brand new ORACLE PCI RAID CARD from eBay, we can see the PCI CARD is available in ILOM but it is not loaded LSI MEGARAID SAS during BIOS startup.

running in big and headache situation please help. 


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Re: Cannot detect Raid controller

2018-10-01, 16:01 PM

You didn't supply what machine type you have the adapter installed in, so it's difficult at best to even guess if that is a supported combination.  Can you provide additional detail? 


1) What machine type is the Lenovo Server you have the adapter installed in?
2) What firmware is the server running?
3) Did you check the compatibility list for that system type to determine whether that adapter is compatible?

I would say it's more likely going to be your best path to contact Lenovo hardware Support for that system type if you believe you have a supported configuration so that they can assist you.


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