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Blue Screen Again
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Issues configuring Xclarity Administrator event forwarder Email

I am trying to configure Xclarity Admiistrator to for forward events to email.


The Generate test always indicates successful but yet nothing comes through.  I am unable to see any logs of information that an attempt was actually completed.


I am able to use Network Access --> test connection, to verify that connection is successful.


nmap test using <host>.fqdn and port 25, nmap reports host is up and port 25 is open.  However, none of my event forwarding - generate test attempts produces email.

I've verified that I can send email from hosts in my cluster to the target server.


Lenovo Employee Inca_Roads
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Issues configuring Xclarity Administrator event forwarder Email

I would open a formal support ticket for that.  If you don't have a support contract, perhaps looking through the LXCA.log file in the "All Service Data" log archive might point you in a direction to understand why the emails are not being sent.  The Support team would review those logs if you opened a ticket.


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