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XCA also Viewing Older System X Servers

I understand older servers are not supported. I have followed the server list here:


I would like to know however if it is possible to list older non-supported server hardware in Xclarity Admin to atleast know there are servers in a rack, track an IP address to their BMC, things of that nature. I have a collection of 3550 M2 and 3650 M2 I would like to centrally view information on as well as my newer X6, M5, and RD servers.


Any workarounds?

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Re: XCA also Viewing Older System X Servers

It is possible to add fillers to a rack view though not all fillers allow ip address assignment.  Putting something in the rackview does not add the device to the list views so would be limited.  Please see if that flow works for your situation or if there are some improvements needed. 

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