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Paper Tape
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XClarity Administrator Reporting



I am curious if Administrator can send weekly firmware compliance reports for managed devices in an automated fashion.  If not, what other utilities can be utilized to automate the reporting of firmware levels for IBM/Lenovo System X servers.



Marty Bouillon

Lenovo Employee aehawkins
Lenovo Employee
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Re: XClarity Administrator Reporting

Hi Marty,


You have a variety of options to automate reporting but it mostly involves using a script of some type(powershell/python) and the REST API's, or some other scripting language or program that can use the REST API's.


LXCA itself doesn't have alot of reporting capability beyond export to csv file etc. In the Apply Activate page for example in v1.4 or v2.0, you can select All Actions>export view as csv. We haven't made it to where it can be scheduled but that would be a good idea. You can always go to Ideation and submit idea's for LXCA here -> XClarity Ideation


If the csv isn't enough. You can use scripting to query your LXCA and pull down data, then parse it for the informaiton you are looking for. Once you have a script created, you can then automate it via cron or Windows task scheduler to automatically run at any time.


The online docs have a section called scritpting management functions under XClarity Administrator (near bottom)

Within your LXCA, top right, click your username then resources and you will see links for the Powershell/Python bundles.


We also have various example scripts in the bundles and examples at the bottom of the various doc pages for the different commands.


As to firmware compliance, you would probably use this REST API and build up your script around it.


GET /compliancePolicies/persistedResult
Use the GET method to retrieve the persisted compare result for servers to which a compliance policy is assigned.


Hope this helps, as always feel free to post in the forums or contact Service & Support if you are having issues.


XClarity Administrator Landing page -


Thank you,

Thank You!

Alan Hawkins
7001 Development Dr Morrisville, NC 27560
Paper Tape
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Re: XClarity Administrator Reporting

Thanks Alan!  I will look into what you have suggested.  We do have some older System X servers, do you know of any way to monitor firmware levels on those machines as well?  Unfortunately those older machines are not compatible/supported by LXCA..




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