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Enabling Virtualization in the Yoga 3 Pro

The Yoga 3 Pro processor and BIOS support virtualization.  That allows using any of several virtual machine host software applications including VMWare, Microsoft's Hyper-V, and others.  Virtualization is enabled or disabled via the BIOS setup utility.


Before accessing BIOS fully shut down the laptop.  Windows 8.x uses a mode - Fast Startup - more like hibernation than a traditional shutdown.  That makes for very quick startup but can cause issues when changing BIOS settings.  Changing the hardware state while "hibernated" (or touching the file system) can lead to some obscure and unpleasant issues.


To fully shut down a Windows 8.x computer, hold down the SHIFT key while selecting shutdown from the power icon's pop-up list.  This can be done from Win 8's "modern" start page, from the Settings charm, or from the login screen.


Once that's done, restart the laptop via the Novo button.  Just press the Novo button - don't touch the power button.




That should bring up this little menu:





Select "BIOS Setup" to get the the main BIOS screen.  From there, select the "Configuration" tab and "Intel Virtual Technology"  Select "Enabled" if it isn't already enabled, and hit ENTER.  Then to the "Exit" tab, and "Exit Saving Changes".





NOTE: many computers require a full power-off, power-on restart after enabling virtualization.  If that isn't done the OS and apps don't see it as enabled.  The Yoga 3 Pro's BIOS doesn't seem to require this.  If you enable virtualization but the virtual host software complains that it isn't enabled, go through a full power-off, power-on reboot using the SHIFT+shutdown described above.


If virtualization isn't enabled or isn't seen as enabled (see Hyper-V note below) a virtual host will refuse to run, or will run in a limited mode.  As an example, this is what VMWare Player indicates:







Hyper-V NOTE: if Microsoft's Hyper-V is available and enabled it will "hide" the fact that virtualization is enabled from other virtual host software. VMWare for instance will throw the "no virtualization" pop-ups above if it is run while Hyper-V is enabled.  Hyper-V is only available when Windows 8.x Pro is installed.


To enable or disable Hyper-V (on a machine that supports it) use the "Windows Features" tool.  It may be necessary to do a full power-off, power-on restart after changing the Hyper-V enabled state.





An example of a Yoga 3 Pro with VMWare Player running three virtual machines:





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moel84 On 2015-07-20, 8:42 AM

Hi there,


I'm using Yoga 3 14 inch, and have intention to running virtualization using vmware player. However, i found above issues and can't find hyper-V setting in Windows Features Tool.


Any idea?

Fullmetal99012 On 2015-07-28, 12:59 PM



Are you running 8.1 or 8,1 Pro? Hyper-V is only available in Windows 8.1 Pro.


However, enabling Hyper-V will cause VMWare player to be non-functional as Hyper-V has exclusivity on the Intel Virtualization Components.



Once you have enabled the Virtualization in the UEFI settings, you can just install VMWare player.

nayara_mend On 2015-09-10, 13:34 PM

I enabled virtualizaton on my bios setup and my CPU frequency was capped on 0.49gHz. Do you know why it happened?

After disabling it the frequency went up again.


Carlo1~0001 On 2016-01-14, 1:16 AM


My yoga 3 Pro-1370, suddenly "blacked-out" without any warning. it won't run or turn on anymore. Even if it is plugged-in the indicator light on the side is off.  It is only 7mos 15days old.  I assume it is the board.  Anyway, my concern is the SSD, can i remove it and get an enclosure to be able to retrieve my files.  I was told that there's no enclosure available for a very small SSD unlike the standard 2.5 inch.   How can i retrieve my files from the ssd?  This is the nth time my yoga 3Pro went back to the "shop", after 2mos i got it, there was a wifi issue, they have to replace the wifi adapter, now some keys are "sticky", battery indicator show not charging but it charges upto 100% if plugged for several hours... whewww!!  not yet even 8mos old.  Thank you...

aercanunal On 2017-02-05, 20:26 PM



I want to enable virtualization so i enabled virtualization on bios like picture but when i check virtualization on task management it's still disable. What am i missing?


I'm using windows 10 pro and my computer model is lenova 700,



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