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Yoga 13: Can we replace the battery by ourselves?


I received by Yoga 13 about a week ago. I was just wondering how do I replace my battery since it is sealed.


I notice that there is a warranty on the battery where Lenovo will replace it for you if you mail it to them, but it is only for one year.  


Would it be cheaper to extend my warranty or buy a battery and replace it myself?


You may want to have a look at the Yoga 13's Hardware Maintenance Manual to see the procedure for removing/replacing the main battery. Pages 33-38 show the required steps.


Please do note, though, that the battery is not considered a CRU (customer replacement unit). It simply means that if anything untoward were to happen while the machine was open, warranty repair might be refused. This is to be done strictly at your own risk if the machine is within the warranty period.


Only CRU part can be replaced by customers without voiding the warranty; however, it does not apply in this case which most of the ideapad especially Yoga 13 have a battery embedded inside.

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golfinggino On 2014-03-28, 15:26 PM

lenovo sent me a replacement battery which i received today ( i am having issues that my old battery looses a charge when powered off )  i am going to replace the battery over the weekend and it it  doesnt fix it then i will send the whole unit into lenovo 

topherdorgan On 2014-10-05, 21:40 PM

I have a similar issue inn which my battery has gone from lasting 5-6 hours on a full charge - even watching movies - to discharging from a full charge in a little over an hour. This happened abruptly. No slow degredation. It happened after I fell alseep on a planne and the battery ran down completely during my third movie on this fllight from one charge. It died completely and then I reharged it that evening in the hotel and noticed it the very next day when I used it and it died in about 90 minutes of only running MS Word to take notes! I'm wondering if letting it die the way I did caused this? I've always been told to let the battery die completely every once in a while anyway so I don't "train" it not to recieve a full charge. Any ideas?

Krani On 2014-10-28, 11:48 AM

We've just purchased a Lenovo Yoga and are not clear on these two points:


  1. Does it shorten the battery's life to have the computer constantly charging? and if we happen to take it off the charge for a moment, to charge it again even if the battery is almost full?
  2. is it better for the computer to shut it off whenever not being used?

Thanks in advance!

btuset On 2015-02-28, 17:17 PM

I have a Yoga 2 - 13 laptop and the battery refuses to charge beyond 60% (bought in Sept 14).  The status reads "60% available (plugged in, not charging)"

I see no FAQ on this situation.  How do I remedy this?  The power lasts about an hour when unplugged.

JimmyRR On 2015-03-01, 22:56 PM

@btuset: You have propably enabled 'Optimized Battery Health' within Lenovo Energy Managment app. If the setting is on, battery charges only to 60% which extends maximal numebr charge\discharge cycles of your battery (it`s limited FYI). Con of it it that your laptop cannot use maximal battery life on single cycle (60% of maximal time).

btuset On 2015-03-02, 17:23 PM
Thanks for the answer. You were correct.

nazreenb On 2017-01-18, 23:47 PM

Thanks for the answer too. I just replaced my adaptor for yoga 13 ideapad in which the original adaptor was Delta ADP-65XB A (slim type) to ADLX65NLC3A (to the thicker type). Anyhow after getting home I tweaked the battery management system. After that I noticed the battery stopped charging at 60%. I contacted online support Lenovo Customer Service in Malaysia and they told me it could be that the adaptor was faulty. I thought it could be a battery problem. So anyway, thanks to you, I saved another trip to the service centre in which I purchased the adaptor and stopped my hours of searching for the original adaptor. :smileyhappy:

DHKingsley On 2019-11-11, 19:06 PM

I have the same battery problem since my computer was 6 months old .  I always have to plug it in.  Battery says 100% charged but as soon as I remove ac plug - it goes down to 10% and off.  So frustrating - I did the Drivers update suggestion - 

I do keep getting a pop up that says Bios 64 Update needed - when I click on install it goes through but pop up comes back next day,  

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