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Yoga 2 Pro Wifi connection, dropped connection, slow performance fix


I purchased one of the first Yoga 2 Pro systems and seem to be having problems with my wifi connection.


If the wifi signal is at all weak, it just seems to drop out. 


Is there a fix or update I need to apply?


A new wireless (wifi) driver designed to increase wireless performance and stability was provided by Intel and included in the preload on all systems built October 5, 2013 and later.  Units built prior to this date have an older driver that should be updated.   This addressed some of the early concerns, but additional updates have been made available on the Lenovo support site.  Please check your current installed driver version against the latest available on the support site.


Update - Intel has continued to release updated versions of drivers for the 7260 family of Wireless cards, and Lenovo has tested and released signed versions via the Lenovo support site at intervals.


Please visit the Lenovo support site and install the latest version of drive for your system.  Current version as of today is  Please use this or later driver from Lenovo's Support site.



Some additional steps the community has found to be helpful in some cases are:


Modify abiltiy of Windows to limit power to with wifi card to save battery life - this can lead to reduced range and disconnects, especially while running on battery.  Here is how to affect this setting.  This is a common wifi troubleshooting suggestion in Windows going back to XP - it can be found in multiple discussions in this forum and is not specific to Yoga 2 Pro systems.


Device Manager -> Network adapters -> Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 -> Properties -> Power Management -> Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
Some customers have suggested that some intel software in the preload might be causing a conflict in some cases.
Uninstall “Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology” via the Control Panel...
Reboot to ensure updated driver and settings date effect. 
Be sure to check wifi driver version in device manager to confirm it is the latest version you just downloaded.

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Rob_D On 2015-08-22, 22:25 PM

How to install driver because Lenovo is so so helpful to it’s customers, and I feel peoples pain trying to get it working so… After a bit of messing around getting it installed, and with the same problems some described above saying the driver was up-to-date but wasn’t the correct one. Try this...


1. Download driver (v17.0.3.3) from the link Mark provided at the top

2. In Device manager: Check your driver version in first so you know it changes later, goto Network adapters -> Intel® Wireless-N7260 -> right click properties -> (TAB) Driver

3. Uninstall this driver, also tick the remove software in the tick box.

4. Afterwards it will not be listed in the Network adapters until you right click and scan for hardware changes, do this. Now it will appear and it has loaded a default diver that’s located somewhere in the computer despite you just uninstalling it, don’t worry about this as the next steps will sort it out.

5. Run the downloaded file, 13kd018f.exe and follow the procedure, BUT STOP WHEN THE PAGE COMES UP 'COMPLETING THE INTEL WLAN DRIVER SETUP WIZARD HAS COMPLETED'. Now, uncheck the box that says ‘Install Intel WLAN Driver now’ and click finish. The first part of the install that has completed has loaded the driver in a folder C:\Drivers\Intel WLAN Driver

6. In Device manager: time to update the driver, Network adapters -> Intel® Wireless-N7260 -> right click properties -> (TAB) Driver, and update the driver and do it manually. Select 'Browse my computer for the driver software' … Now point to the driver you've just loaded in C:\Drivers\Intel WLAN Driver\Win7Plus\Win64.

7. Device manager: Check your updated driver version, Network adapters -> Intel® Wireless-N7260 -> right click properties -> (TAB) Driver, should be

8. Now reboot the laptop to be sure, now pray to the Gods, try some voodoo or make a sacrifice...more than once I’ve thought about sacrificing thing excuse for a laptop out the 8th floor apartment window…


BTW, now sure if this works with the dual band wifi card upgrade, I had upgraded it ages ago but put the old card back in as it was impossible to use still dropping the connection, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla… If this driver works I might try changing it again.

Lexidexi On 2015-08-25, 21:55 PM

What a sack of **bleep** this purchase has been. Wifi is the most important part on a work laptop. Will NEVER buy Lenovo again. Thanks for the wifi related headaches I have to endure every day. Some of us can't afford to drop another 1k on a laptop, so I'm stuck with this monumental piece of garbage. Assholes.


What you don't see is how half the time it's actually doing nothing, what you do see is how it goes from 1 to 5 on the speed test, when it should be a steady 50.  http://i.imgur.com/3a0uqfV.png


Here is an image of it working, lasts only a few a minutes at a time



And here it is back to the state it's usually in.


mfw14 On 2015-09-01, 4:15 AM

Same issues with Wifi, and additionally, now computer has become intolerably slow (I'm talking 5 minutes to just open a folder).


Unfortunately I'm not sufficiently techy minded to understand all of what to do above.  Have wasted over a couple of days trying to get internet conection, and am completely over it.  This  Lenovo Yoga 2  is the first Lenovo I've ever bought.  Will certainly be the last.  It will be placed in the bin just as soon as I get a replacement laptop.   I don't need feedback thanks, just got on here to have a whinge about Lenovo equipment in the vain hope that a Lenovo consultant will see it, and something will be done to avoid this situation in the future. After reading the above comments, however, I won't be holding my breath. 


Good luck all....looks like you'll need it. 

LenovoUser001 On 2015-10-08, 20:37 PM

I found a solution that works! :smileyvery-happy:




Cannot connect to WiFi because "limited connection" and/or "No internet connection". If I run "Troubleshoot this problem" for the WiFi connection, it resolves the problem, but within 15 minutes it's disconnected and broken again! Cannot stay connected to the internet and/or WiFi network.




  1. Device Manager (you must be signed in as Administrator; or run "cmd" [As Administrator...] and type then hit enter: control hdwwiz.cpl).
  2. Network Adapters
  3. Right-click Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 and select "Properties".
  4. When the window opens, select the Advanced tab.
  5. In the left options list, click/highlight "Preferred Band", and then in the right dropdown, choose "2. Prefer 2.4Ghz band".
  6. And the same process to select "Wireless Mode" and choose "4. 802.11b/g" from the dropdown.
  7. Now click "OK" at the bottom of the window, and give your computer time to reset the driver with these new settings.
  8. Disconnect, and then Connect to your WiFi connection. Should be good now!
Jenna2462 On 2015-12-30, 21:22 PM

Yipee!!  I After months of constant frustration trying to fix the issue with my computer dropping the wifi connection every 20 minutes, I have finally resolved the problem.  Hopefully this fix will last.  I had the same problem come up over a year ago, fixed it and then it started dropping the connection again this year.  I tried every single fix that was posted in this forum, including uprading my wifi card to the newer, dual band wifi card, but all to no avail.


What did it for me was purchasing a very simple $15.00 TP-LINK 300Mbps mini wireless N USB adaper at Fryes.  I am connecting to the internet via this exteral wireless adapter, while keeping the interal wifi card enabled.  This last part is very important because initally I disabled the internal wifi card.  When the interal card was disabled, the USB wifi adapter started dropping the internet connection.  But when when I went back into the device settings and enabled the internal card while still using the USB wireless adapter to connect to the internet, voila! No more dropped internet.  


I can't tell you how excited I was when I woke my computer up this morning and it it immediately was connected to the internet.  For the past few months, I've had to restart my computer every 20-30 minutes to get it to connect again. I was so ready to just throw in the towel and spend another $1000+ on another computer and just call this one a total loss. Thanks Santa!  This is an awesome New Years gift that I pray wll last.

MihaelKeehl On 2016-01-21, 1:19 AM

Hi everybody! I've decided to tell my solution to the problem.


I bought Yoga 2 Pro and after few hours constant connection drops started.

So I've tried all the methods above and nothing worked!


I've found following solution somewhere... 

I opened laptop (it's very easy to do with te right screwdriver) and took out wifi card (disconnect the battery first).

Then I taped it around with electrical tape leaving connectors. 

To my surprise everything worked perfectly after and even much faster (the effect won't be straight away).


Another thing I found out that WiFi due to its' drivers or design is conflicting with bluetooth devices. Some of them work n the same frequencies and wifi isn't switching to the different channel automatically. For example, my mouse with bluetooth dongle totally destroys wifi on the laptop (bought new bluetooth mouse without dongle). Don't know about native bluetooth 4.0, haven't tried it yet, but try to switch it off.

Also look around in your room or net room for any working bluetooth device, like phones.

Probably driver update helps, but I have the latest one.


Another solution is buying dual-band wifi card and switching to 5GHz channel, but I haven't tried it yet.


It's also possible that you don't even need to tape wifi card, just look for conflicting bluetooth or any wireless control devices...


I hope it really helps somebody.

Jenna2462 On 2016-01-21, 20:39 PM

This is an update to my post on 12-20-15.  I am completely bummed to have to come back here and share that the external USB wifi adapter did not end up providing any kind of permanent solution.  I am now right back to the dropped connections :-(.  Boo!

Martinacho On 2016-04-30, 19:36 PM


My WIFI works about 70% of nominal speed which is not good but...when I change into tablet mode the speed goes down dramatically. So slow that the Lenovo Solution  Center does not even run.


victorkliu On 2017-03-07, 13:48 PM

My download sppwd is only 10 mbps recently. I fixed it by upgading Intel wifi and bluteeth drives. Mu download speed is 50 mbps after the fix.

1. Download Intel Driver Update Utility 2.7


2. Manually remove Intel Driver Update Utility 2.6 if it's on your system before.

3. Intall and run Intel Driver Update Utility 2.7

4. Update Intel wifi and bluteeth drives

Good luck

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