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Yoga 2 Pro wifi not working after driver update


After experiencing Wireless issues I tried to upgrade my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13" with Windows 8.1 64Bit to the latest drivers from the lenovo support site.


Ever since I cannot connect to the WLAN anymore. What puzzles me is that the driver status in the device manager shows a different driver version than what I have installed (uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it doesn't change anything here).


What puzzles me is the Lenovo Website shows driver version (released 25.Jan.2014, see link below), whereas my system display version is (dated 31.10.2013). Hence I thought I have another version from somewhere else on my and removed all driver versions I could find.

Checking driver details I get the follow file versions:

   C:\windows\system32\drivers\NETwbw02.sys    version Intel, dated 2011

   C:\windows\system32\drivers\Netwfw02.dat       no version or publisher

   C:\windows\system32\drivers\vwifibus.sys          version 6.3.9600.16384 Microsoft


Still, whenever I uninstall the driver, install the files from lenovo and click "Detect new device" my system pulls the drivers as listed above and is incapable of connecting to any WiFi.


Windows 8.1. shows no connections available and doesn't connect anymore.


How can I get my WLAN back?


If Windows Update is configured to automatically fetch updates from Microsoft then the machine most likely have installed the Intel driver update for Intel(R) Wireless N-7260 as discussed in this article (which explains the different driver versions).


Below are steps that you can try:


1. If the machine comes with the Intel(R) Wireless N-7260, navigate to:

 - Device Manager 

 - Network Adapters 

 - Intel(R) Wireless N-7260 (right click > update driver software) 

 - Browse my computer for driver software

 - Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer (you will then see a list of drivers, check if you have the version from Lenovo and choose it and observe.   If you don't have this version or later, we recommend that you download it from the Lenovo support site here.



2. Restart the machine and boot into the BIOS (by pressing F2 on the Lenovo screen). Once you're in, navigate to the Configuration Tab and ensure Wireless is set to Enabled (if applicable).

 - Link to picture


The following should be performed after backing up data and only if you have been unable to obtain proper wifi operation and you suspect that there is broader software corruption.


3. Perform a System Restore and choose a date before the issue began. (this will restore the unit to an earlier point in time where wireless connection is working fine)


4. Perform a Refresh / Reset or press the OneKey Recovery button (this will restore the unit to factory settings - ensure that you backup important files first).



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talma On 2014-11-01, 15:17 PM

I have Yoga 2 pro that works fine for about 2 months and then stop detecting the wireless card. 

I've followed these steps above , including a factory reset, driver update (to version, bios update.


and still my Yoga 2 pro wireless N7260 card is not detected. 

I got error 45 - sying the hardware device is not connected to the computer. 



Any idea what can help?


NateS On 2014-11-13, 9:49 AM
Robodoos On 2014-11-18, 21:03 PM

Try the 17.0.3 latest driver and no more connection to the internet. Putting back de and i have again internet.

Now a solution I bought a USB AC56 Wireless Adapter and a  RT-AC66U router , now i have Full speed  5G .

The driver from Lenovo will never work, Shame Lenovo. This is bad support to costumers.

I will think twice before i buy Lenovo again.


orlyccc On 2014-11-30, 10:27 AM

my yoga is 2 months old and the wifi and the sound card don't work. I sent it out to Lenovo lab in Israel where I am stationed, and it takes them over 2 weeks to order and replace the parts. It is outrageous that basic parts like these are not available. I'm not happy with the service at all. On my next purchase of laptop I will consider a cpmpany with higher service standards. I have a Mac and their service is a speedy one when needed.


atrejo On 2014-12-17, 18:53 PM

Hello all.


Fisrt of all, this are my specs: Yoga 2 pro 13". WiFi card: Intel(R)Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260. I bought it from Best Buy on November 27, 2014. If you aquired your Yoga before this date, you may have the single band WiFi card.


As many of you have experienced, I also had a bunch of issues with my WiFi connectivity and this is how I was able to solve it. At least it has been a couple of days that I haven't had any issues.


The first symptom was the usual connection drops every X amount of time. For me it was about every 2 hours.


I first unchecked the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option in the Power Management tab of device manager and disabled U-APSD support in the Advanced tab of device manager. This action did not solve the problem.


I then downloaded and updated the driver from the Intel web site (http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect) and this seemed to solve the drops; however, a new problem arised: Everytime my Yoga would wake up from sleeping mode, all my wifi networks were gone and the adapter showed as disabled in Device Manager. I would have to anable it to have my networks back. It was a solution but a pain the butt to have to do this everytime.


After hours of reading post after post in several forums, I read a repy from Lenovo asking to try leaving the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" CHECKED if you were using the latest version of the driver. I went back to device manager and checked it back and that seems to have solved the problem.


So far I haven't had any drops and everytime my laptop comes back from sleeping mode the WFi connection is still there!


Here is a recap of how everything ended up:


-The driver version I installed is

-The driver date is 7/21/2014

-In device manager|Advanced, U-APSD support is Disbled.

-In device manager|Power Management, "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is checked.


Hope this helps somebody else.

jeffie97041 On 2014-12-31, 2:45 AM


 It is recommended  a Drivr Update Tool named DruverTuner,  you can read the related issues in the article: How to Update & Download Lenovo Drivers

 Hope this can help you!

Good luck!

Jasoonnmp On 2015-04-30, 17:17 PM

If none of this helps, it's mostly like either your WLAN adapter, or motherboard not being able to read that there's a WLAN device. Once following all those steps, and still continues to give you the same error send it into a lenovo certified repair depot! - cheers 

Carlo1~0001 On 2015-07-19, 9:54 AM

I bought my yoga 3 pro last May 24, 2015- i started using it only June 6.  At first everything was great.

until july 9 (july13/15/18/19) when i lost the wifi and cannot even find the network adapter, i had it restore to default.  nothing happened.  wifi will just appear in-between and connect and then disappear when i switch it on again the next day... i tried leaving it on sleep mode the same scenario wifi disappers when i wake it up.  repeating the same scenario and so on...  i have already downloaded intel wifi driver, broadcom and still the same, cannot detect or no wifi...im now using an ethernet adapter connected to a LAN cable to my router.  I have 2 laptops (asus / toshiba) 2 and 3yrs old respectively placed beside my lenovo and their wifi is working well...


I've read in the forum that the wifi has been an issue since yoga 2 pro release...


can anyone help me pls...


backing up and restoring is annoying and this should not be the case for that matter... this is not a cheap laptop.. $1399.  Im using my laptop for my business...


I've downloaded and installed/reinstalled the intel / broadcom driver, updated windows, restore to default settings, etc.


can i return the lenovo laptop?  get a refund or have it replaced or get a credit memo and pick a different unit or model?  i bought the unit from bestbuy.


Thank you.





Charl_frey On 2015-09-07, 9:48 AM

Sometimes we can hardly analyze the driver status manually, say, even from Device Manager, we see there are no missing or abnormal drivers listed, there might be computer issues that are related with wrong drivers.


In this case, auto-detect driver download and update tool is important. It is able to automatically detect and analyze drivers and then install the right one easily and quickly.


So if you have driver problems or computer hardware problems, try more than one way in order to clear the problem.

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