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Yoga 900 - Hotkey functions and Function keys

 The keyboard of Yoga 900 has a dedicated sixth row with Hotkey functions and Functions keys. By default, the hotkey functions are accessible by pressing the appropriate hotkey. The function keys are accessible by pressing the Fn key and the appropriate function key.


List of the Hotkey functions:


F1 - Mute/unmute the sounds

F2 - Decrease the volume level

F3 - Increase the volume level

F4 - Close the current active window

F5 - Refresh the desktop or the current active window

F6 - Enable/disable the touchpad

F7 - Enable/disable Airplane mode

F8 - Display all currently active apps

F9 - Turn on/off the backlight of the LCD screen

F10 - Toggle between the computer and external defice

F11 - Decrease display brightness

F12 - Increase display brightness


How to disable the HotKey Mode?


You can disable the hotkey mode in the BIOS Setup utility. To access BIOS Setup shutdown the Yoga 900, press the Novo button, and select BIOS Setup. In the BIOS Setup navigate to Configurations and set the HotKey Mode to Disabled. When the HotKey mode is disabled, press the Fn key and the appropriate function key to access the corresponding hotkeys. To access the function keys you do not need to press the Fn key when the hotkey mode is disabled.


Other function key combinations:


When you press and hold the Fn key and one of the other function keys you can enable or disable the following key combinations:


Fn & Space - Keyboard brightness (toggles between off, bright, or dim)

Fn & Esc - Paper display feature

Fn & Home - Pause

Fn & End - Break

Fn & PgUp - Scroll lock

Fn & PgDn - Insert function

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usmcpa On 2017-01-09, 0:35 AM

Do you happen to know how to disable hotkeys if the option is not available in BIOS and there is no function lock key?

courtney-miles On 2017-02-18, 23:08 PM

Do you happen to know how to disable hotkeys if the option is not available in BIOS and there is no function lock key?

If you have a more recent model, and you are using Windows, I believe the Lenovo Setting software will let you revert their behaviour.  Refer to Yoga 910 function key switch for details.


If you are on Linux (as I am) there is no solution that I'm aware of.  It drives be crazy that Alt+F4 is now Fn+Alt+F4 and simply F3 is Fn+F3.  I'm making so many mistakes when coding and has had a real impact on productivity -- I'm even slower now on a normal keyboard because I have to unlearn the Lenovo way.


A Lenovo Employee has suggested they may deliver a special BIOS for Linux Users, but it's been a few months now, so I'm not holding my breath.

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