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Yoga 900 - What devices does the new USB Type-C port support?


What devices does the new USB Type-C port on the Yoga 900 support?


The new USB Type-C port supports:

- USB 3.0

- native display port 1.2 video output

- VGA/HDMI output using a Type-C VGA/HDMI adapter (which is a separate purchase)

(Ref: page 8 of https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/yoga_900-13isk_ug_en_201509.pdf)


Adding to the above:  Gigabit Ethernet via any of several 3rd party USB-C-to-USB3 adapters that also feature an RJ45 jack.

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theking2 On 2017-01-26, 9:42 AM

On a different note. Is the USB-C recepticle on the Yoga 900s unstable? With the Minix connected all that is required is touching the connector and the connection momentarily lost and comes back again. This is quite annoying as my mouse and keyboard are connected here and it takes Windows a couple of seconds to find them back again.


Is this inherent to USB-C or is it the implementation of Lenovo?

SajithKM On 2017-03-04, 11:28 AM

How can I connect USB type c male to Thinkpad Yoga x1

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