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Yoga 900 and Ideapad 710S: Linux Only BIOS

In response to customer requests for BIOS with an AHCI option on several Yoga and Ideapad systems, Lenovo has provided Linux Only BIOS for the following models:


YOGA 900-13ISK2:  http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119354

YOGA 900-13ISK for BIZ: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119355

YOGA 900S-12ISK: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119356

Ideapad 710S Plus-13ISK: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119357

Ideapad 710S-13IKB: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119359

Ideapad 710S-13ISK: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119360


Please note the following:

  • This BIOS is not intended to be used on machines running Windows operating systems.
  • No official support is provided for this BIOS.
  • The user assumes the risk of any un-intended or performance degradation risks that may be associated with using this BIOS.


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makaronin On 2016-11-20, 4:32 AM

Double tapping works very well for me in Ideapad 710s. The only thing I had to do is adding "/usr/bin/synclient TapButton3=2" to ~/.bashrc in order to emulate middle button copy-paste functionality. 

demailly On 2016-12-01, 15:13 PM

Being able to flash the BIOS and installing Linux in AHCI mode for the SSD is great. It works fine (for the 900-13ISK2 here) and one can get a working dual boot setup with GRUB, after WIndows has been "told" to use AHCI mode as well. However, I still have trouble to get the touchpad and touchscreen being recognized, even with the latest stable kernel 4.8. These devices are not even seen by the kernel in my (amd64) configuration. Any idea how to enable them ? It looks from the Windows panel that synaptics_i2c should be used for the touchpad - the module loads but without any effect. It would be great if Lenovo/Synaptics/Elantech would provide linux source code - or at least technical info for the drivers !

Sreddy On 2016-12-03, 6:10 AM

Unable to update the BIOS. Please help!!


DoronDoron On 2016-12-10, 4:36 AM

Can I adk a question?I am trying to chrage my nexus 5x woth the usb c exist, but it does npt work. Sonebody knows why? Somebody was able to chrage? 

mesmer On 2016-12-10, 14:34 PM

Ideapad 710S-13IKB: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS119359


this link is dead, i cannot download linux bios for 710S-13IKB

ridsharc On 2016-12-14, 15:26 PM

@mesmer, that link works for me. Were you successful in updating your bios ?


@Sreddy, were you able to fix that bios update problem you had ? What is your device ?


I've been watching this thread and this one for a while now and am tempted to bite the bullet and purchase a 710s to replace my embarassing Lenovo 3000 N100 running LXDE. Thanks to all those who have reported problems and solutions.



What's the difference between the 710s13 IKB & ISK ?  


ridsharc On 2016-12-14, 15:55 PM

Ignore the last question. ISK is i5 (Silver Lake) and IKB is i7 (Kaby Lake) processor.

natv On 2016-12-14, 16:23 PM


@ Sreddy

For that BIOS update error -   go into your BIOS and enable "Bios Back Flash", it will then let you flash this new bios.



plunkinguitar On 2017-01-09, 19:58 PM

I have a Yoga 710 15isk 80U0 and want to run linux on it, does this update apply to this model? If not is there an alternative? I've tried many methods and always ran into the AHCI issue with my SSD when I tried installing; once I saw this post I thought it was the answer but I didnt see this model in the list. 

djrm On 2017-01-15, 22:38 PM

Greetings everybody,

I'm a new owner of a Yoga 900-131SK, which is the bios to use to enable AHCI ? I see no specific verson for this model. Should  I use the 700-131sk or 900 biz version?

Kind regrds, David.

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