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Token Ring
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710-14IKB - BIOS, firmware, and UEFI updates

710-14IKB with WIndows 10 Pro.

I just wanted to post back on my experience with the update mess that accompanied this laptop release.


Until 15 minutes ago, I was running on BIOS v2.01 but Windows showed that something wrong with the driver for 'Lenovo UEFI System Firmware 1.28' in device manager. Following Windows' suggestion I let it search for an update. It said the one currently installed is the best. In 'Devices and Printers' I let Windows 'troubleshoot' the laptop. It said the same thing but offered to reinstall the same drivers. After a reboot, I still got the same warning about the Firmware 1.28. Then I noticed that a newer BIOS version was available (v2.03). I installed the BIOS update and rebooted (with fingers crossed). After the reboot it STILL showed an issue with the Firmware 1.28 BUT after letting it reinstall the Firmware 1.28 again the error went away!!! So it looks like they are tied together. the Firmware reinstall didn't work until I had BIOS v2.03 installed.


What do *I* take away from all of this?

Lenovo really needs to work on its QA. Just booting up any one of these laptops with v2.00 or earlier BIOS would have shown anyone who isn't deaf that it's NOT ready to ship. Then we've got this firmware-BIOS-driver dance to get everything working properly without errors. My guess is that Lenovo performed little to no time testing when the new (IKB) versions came out, relying on the same drivers and firmware that worked for the old (ISK) model. Note, for those who are using Win 10 Pro with Bitlocker on the boot drive, you will need your recovery key after the BIOS upgrade.


So, after WAY MORE firmware/BIOS/driver updating than I should have had to do, I now have a laptop without driver or BIOS issues. I hope this helps.


Edit - Clarification

Paper Tape
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Re: 710-14IKB - BIOS, firmware, and UEFI updates

I have never seen an update BIOS version 2.03.

Only the 2.01 but the problem with the UEFI firmware 1.28 just the same. 


I restored the UEFI firmware driver 1.28 in the driver option to the old version. No stands there without failure only firmware. 




Token Ring
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Re: 710-14IKB - BIOS, firmware, and UEFI updates

BIOS v2.03 is available in the Lenovo support and drivers section.

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