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730-15IKB (81CU) battery life has always been horrible

2019-03-26, 17:40 PM

After all driver updates, bios updates, and even a Windows reinstall, I'm still only getting ±1.5-2 hours per charge when doing only trivial tasks. I've never even gotten close to the advertised "up to 9 hours" for the 730-15IKB (81CU) with the UHD screen - even with suggested brightness, disabled background apps, and the nvidia gpu disabled.


I finally called this in for warranty after several months, and my battery will be replaced later this week or early next week. I'm definitely hopeful that the new cell will work better.  


For those of you who have this model, how has your battery performed?



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Re: 730-15IKB (81CU) battery life has always been horrible

2019-03-26, 18:12 PM
Mine is not super good but not that bad either. Normally I get +- five hours, but I'm always in battery saving mode.

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Re: 730-15IKB (81CU) battery life has always been horrible

2019-03-26, 19:51 PM

My 730-13 has bad battery life, but only the standard badness---4 to 6 hours. I have, however, seen a significant improvement since underclocking using Throttlestop and this guide.  I also finally installed the Windows 10 Creator's Update (from October 2018, the one that botched everyone's computers and got pulled) because it implements more aggressive memory management when Windows's "battery saver" mode is turned on.  I haven't had any negative effects and would recommend those changes.


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Re:730-15IKB (81CU) battery life has always been horrible

2020-09-15, 0:00 AM

Yuppppp...  Same exact model as you. 


I just now unplugged my laptop to type this, yet I only have an estimated 1hr 14mins of battery life left. It's ridiculous! 


I have battery saver enabled 

I have my processor set to run below 50% on battery

I have the Nvidia GPU completely disabled unless I'm plugged in playing games

I have the intel graphics settings on 'max power saving' 

I have my wifi adapter on 'max power saving' 

I have USB on selective standby


I'm doing literally everything right, but I can't even take this laptop out on the porch and work because I have to come back inside to plug in as soon as I get in my zone. 


It's weird tho, I just recently updated to the latest build last week (19041.508) but I could swear that before that update I was actually getting partially useful battery life, 4-5 hours.


Never ever would I be able to get 9 hours, that's comedic. Not even in idle mode with the screen turned off would I believe that this laptop can go 9 hours. 


Do better lenovo. 


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