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Another Yoga 2 Pro that can not boot up even after trying battery unplug option

My Yoga 2 Pro was in sleep mode and when I tried to turn it on again, I got the power light and keyboard simultaneously blinking every 5 seconds as described in various sites around the web or as seen on Youtube.  I tried the different solutions of:

1.  unplugging battery 

2.  unplugging battery and cmos overnight

3.  holding power button for various periods of time


Nothing seems to work.  Interestingly, I did try to reboot holding down Function+R key and that resulted in power light staying on and amber orange battery indicator blinking with keyboard.  However, the keyboard light will stay on for a few seconds before turning off and then another few seconds before turning on again.  So at least I got a different response.  Also, I did get the fans to start running on the boot up once but was not able to replicate after trying the function+R.


My questions:

1.  What can I do to resolve it (seems like a common issue and hard for me to believe that the motherboard is busted)?

2.  What is the root cause?  Is it a bad BIOS?  I did upgrade to Windows 10 a month or so ago so not sure if this caused something.

3.  If a bad bios, can I boot to the correct bios on a usb stick?

4.  Should I try rebooting to a usb in general for windows 10?

5.  Should I reboot without the solid state drive not plugged in?  I tried once and it did nothing.


And yes, my warranty ran out also.  I love the laptop but never had an issue like this.  Any help appreciated as I need laptop for upcoming son's birthday.  Thanks. 





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