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Re: Bluetooth mouse slow when downloading WiFi data on Yoga

2013-09-19, 20:59 PM

I have the same problem, bad driver support. :smileymad:


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Re: Bluetooth mouse slow when downloading WiFi data on Yoga

2013-09-25, 16:09 PM

The updated drivers solve bluetooth problem for me, my mouse doesnt lag anymore when I'm on youtube or streaming media via wifi

However the updated drivers introduce a new a minor problem

When I wake my computer up from sleep mode, I start to have wifi issues with my computer being able to connect to my router but unable to connect to the internet 

Sometimes I can connect after waking it from sleep mode but it promptly disconnects after 10 minutes 


This problem is remedied when I restart my computer and will not appear again until I use sleep mode, but I was wondering if there is another fix available since I use the sleep mode funtion alot


Thanks and keep up the good work!

- JL


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Re: Bluetooth mouse slow when downloading WiFi data on Yoga

2013-10-27, 20:37 PM

We own two (2) Yoga 13's after upgrading to Windows 8.1 we decided to tackle a long-standing issue we've had with the Lenovo Yoga and the Microsoft Scuplt Bluetooth mouse performing poorly -- the mouse intermittently paused and responded poorly. After a lot of trial-and-error we discovered a simple solution. Were able to resolve our Bluetooth issues by simply changing the Power Saving mode from "Balanced" to "Performance". Amazingly this simple change caused the intermittent Bluetooth issues to clear up completely. So we went back to the Bluetooth devices in Device Manager and unchecked the Power Management option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." for any of the Bluetooth devices. That didn't resolve the issue with poor mouse performance so we unchecked the option  "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in all of the USB hubs under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" in device manger. To our surprise this cleared up the issue and we now have absolutely no issues with a Bluetooth mouse.


There has tranditionally been a lot of problem reported with Wifi on the Yoga's. Since the Bluetooth and the Wifi are on the same Realtek chip connected via USB bus, this makes you wonder if some of the Wifi performance issues are related to the same power management problem. Something within the USB layer is cutting power to the Bluetooth radio, so this could also mean that the Wifi radio is getting hammered by the same USB issues. Just a thought...


Maybe we were dealing with a Windows 8 USB power management issue all along...


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Re: Bluetooth mouse slow when downloading WiFi data on Yoga

2013-10-27, 20:45 PM



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