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Broken Power button from the internal main board waranty or not ?

Lenovo takinn.png

My Lenovo 3 14  did not start one day  - when I phused thr ON bottin nothing

I bought it in October 2015  for school  and it was Lenovo computer number 11 in the household.

I am the only one using it  and it is  off limits for all other family members -  I take good care of my computers  I clean it frequently  always keep them in a bag or in other protective -  and it shows it almost look like it is new. After 10 months

Since the warranty is still valid I took it the shop were I bought it (certified Lenovo dealers) then the rapair guy calls me and says that they found the problem – the internal Power switch that is  attached to the main board had broken clean off and it was loose in side the computer – and  then he tells me Lenovo says that this is not a warranty malfunction   WHATT  how can my usage og misusage cause this problem  The outer shell does not have any signs of mistreatment and ON button it self is intact so how can this happen  ?

If had been  dropped there would be sign on the outside and if someone messed with the on button it would show some signs   in my opinion the only way I could have  caused this is to peal off the on button and stick something in the hole to break the on button attached to the mainboard clean off ??

Any other explanation out there ??

and why should the warranty not cover it ?

In my opinion the button must have been very poorly attached to the main board and that is why it fell off even with normal usage of the computer

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