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Paper Tape
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C930 Gorilla Glass Edition

How important is Gorilla Glass? I have had Yoga 3 Pro for 4 years; scratches on case (they don't bother me much) but no scrathes on screen. I am a financial planner and use my laptop on my desk and in the field with clients.


I am purchasing a C930 4K 16 GB 1T 64Bit and have no idea whether I should spend a bit more to get the Gorilla Glass edition for which I would also have to wait about 3 weeks longer for customization... Please help me with this....  Thank you,

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Re: C930 Gorilla Glass Edition

I purchased my C930 (same specs as yours) before Christmas. Prior to that, I had the Yoga 900. My daughter got the Pro 3 (gen before the 900) and purchased the gorilla glass. Something happened with her computer getting stuck under a piece of furniture and she was certain that the screen was shattered. The gorilla glass cracked significantly, but her screen was unscathed.

I, on the other hand, DID NOT get the gorilla glass and my computer that was next to my power chair, slipped under the chair while it was going down and got stuck.

My screen cracked.

Two other items that could help protect your investment (as this computer IS pricey) are vinyl coverings and hard cases. Everyone in my family now have hard cases (look on amazon for mCover) that cost about $30, however, they have not added a case for the C930 yet as it is a new release. The vinyl cover (look on Amazon for Decalsrus) prevented a huge scratch on my Yoga 730. I was sure it penetrated the vinyl and had scratched the front badly. Nope--it was in new condition and my son loved it as a Christmas present. The decals come in a huge assortment of designs and they DO have them specifically for the C930.

That is just our experience. For the cost of this model, it's well worth the $ for all the protection you can afford.

Punch Card
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Re: C930 Gorilla Glass Edition

I have a Yoga 920 Star Wars Edition which has the 'mural' on the cover. These were plentiful on BestBuy last year. I don't think the Gorilla glass has a structural purpose. Quite simply to get the best effect to the image a glossy surface is needed so that is the purpose of the glass. It's called Gorilla glass to give the impression it is scratch-resistent, but I'm sure it will scratch or break under severe conditions.


I am not a Star Wars fan, but when I received the laptop, the cover looked better than expected due to the deep gloss and solid feel of the cover imparted by the glass. I bought the Star Wars version mainly because of the features (16 GB RAM and 512 GB HDD), and they were mainly distributed by Best Buy at the time and they had a sale on them.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: C930 Gorilla Glass Edition

I have the exact same laptop as Clevor.  I can confirm that the Gorilla Glass on the lid of my Star Wars laptop really makes the special edition Star Wars design "pop".  I get compliments from folks about how nice it looks all the time.  I've been using mine for about a year now (I think), and there aren't any scratches on the lid.  (I slide it into and out of a bookbag mutliple times every day.)  


As for actually protecting the electronic innards of the laptop, I doubt the Gorilla Glass would prevent a significant percentage of damage over a traditional lid.


(Clevor, if you're reading this: Hi!  It would be nice to stay in touch with someone else who has the exact same laptop.  Are you also having problems adjusting screen brightness after an update?  I've found workarounds on this forum, but I don't feel like tinkering with rolling back drivers and telling Windows not to update video drivers and such.  I was hoping you'd found a straightforward solution, or that Lenovo Vantage comes out with an actual update that solves this issue.  It's been months of not being able to adjust screen brightness.  Love this laptop, though._

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