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Paper Tape
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Camera Not Working - Yoga 510-14ISK



My camera is not working where I get the error message 0xA00F4244(0xC00D36D5) in the windows camera app.




The camera worked perfectly on 08/03/17 but did not work at all today.


I checked the drivers and got this.

Name: EasyCamera

Device type: Imaging devices

Manufacturer: Bison

Location: 0000.0014.0000.

Device status: Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer (Code 45). To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.


IMG_2521 - Copy.JPG


There is an option to click called "learn how" in the windows camera app along with the error code, this lead me the microsoft website where I followed one of the steps to resolve this issue. I tried to update the driver which didn't work then I tried the option "Uninstall your webcam driver and scan for hardware changes". The steps I followed can be seen in the link below:


Neither of these options worked where "imaging devices" does not appear in device manager, even when you select "show hidden devices".


There was an option to contact microsoft regarding the issue, to go into a live chat. I was unable to contact lenovo live chat so I tried microsoft's.


In the live chat they controlled my laptop remotely to try resolve the issue. They tried installing drivers from the lenovo website and uninstalling McAfee antivirus with no success.


They reinstalled windows believing it to be as a result of corrupted files, this also did not work.

They then again attempted to install the drivers from the lenovo website with no luck yet again.

Microsoft support recommended I contact lenovo and ask for the relevant drivers given my issue.


The easy camera drivers are still located on my D drive. When I go through the setup wizard this does not resolve the issue either.


Camera does not appear in the toolbar of my lenovo settings app. When I search for it in the app it wont load where I just get this:




Can anyone help me please?





Paper Tape
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Re: Camera Not Working - Yoga 510-14ISK

I managed to resolve this immediately after posting all that and going through all of that ordeal...


I looked at my keyboard, saw the camera symbol on F8 and decided to press it to see if it does anything.



The camera was reenabled and back to working perfectly. I remember someone in the past week decided to press loads of keys on my keyboard messing, turns out they pressed F8...


So if you have this issue try pressing F8 or the alternative button on your computer before you do anything!


Or you could end up wasting an entire evening and night (literally) searching forums for information trying to fix it yourself, being on with customer support remotely accessing your computer, reinstalling windows and loads of drivers, uninstalling your antivirus and also being told by Lenovo to reset your laptop to factory settings in their email support.





Hope my embarrassing situation saves you hassle in the future, also to show you to learn to laugh at yourself when something like this happens, I know I certainly am now.


Good luck,



What's DOS?
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Re: Camera Not Working - Yoga 510-14ISK

Thank you so much Thomas for sharing this. I have every now and then problems with the webcam and will remember this easy solutions. I have seen this F8 camera sign when logging in but never paid any attention to it. So thanks again!

Cheers, Isa

Paper Tape
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Re: Camera Not Working - Yoga 510-14ISK

Dear Thomas,

I tried all the ways but the problem still exits. So can you please send me the process of reset because your image is not complete.

Please help me to resolve issue.

Thank u

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