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Fanfold Paper
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Can I charge my Yoga 900 with portable battery?

Hello, I have an portable battery and I am going to buy the Yoga 900. I know that the USB power adapter that comes with the laptop has 2 extra pins from normal USB input. Thus, we cannot charge using a normal USB. My question is, is there something I can buy that will work? 


My portable battery has 3 output


1. Usb output

2. 9-12v output

3. 16-20v output



now the problem is that I know I need the 20v output, but I do not have any female jack that is the new usb 6pins.. what shall I do? buy?

Punch Card
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Re: Can I charge my Yoga 900 with portable battery?

You would need to find the correct cable and adapter that is already included with this laptop portable charger.

Punch Card
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Re: Can I charge my Yoga 900 with portable battery?

Mike, did you buy one for your Yoga 900 and if so which one did you buy and how do you like it?


Also considering buying a yoga 900 but contingent on being able to find a good external battery for it to get a long runtime when power is not available for 12+ hours.

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