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My Yoga 13 came with a 128 mSATAGB SSD and I know I could trade it out for a 256GB model, but I wonder if I can just add a second mSATA SSD? 



The Yoga 13 contains two slots for mSATA SSD.   These can be accessed by carefully removing the keyboard, the palmrest and metal keyboard tray / shield assembly.  Please consult the Yoga 13 hardware maintenance manual for a step by step guide on this proceedure.  Some additional photos and information on the keyboard installation / removal can be found in this related KB article.


Once the keyboard is carefully removed and the cable disconnected, the system will look like this.  You can find the single memory socket for system ram located to the left and the twin cooling fans in the center / right of the system.


Yoga keyboard removed.png


Next, remove the palmrest assembly - there are a number of small screws located on this metal plate which secure it, along with clips at the perimeter.  Be careful to disconnect display, battery, and touchpad connections as necessary, referring to the instructions in the hardware maintenance manual.


 Tip: If the fans have any accumulated dust build up, this is a great time clean them with canned air.


Yoga mSATA slots.png



The factory 128GB mSATA SSD is located in position 1 shown in the picture above, while position 2 is the empty slot for a second mSATA SSD.



Yoga mSATA slot 2 close up.png



Here is a closer view of the empty slot for the second drive.  Note the retention screw hole in the upper left corner - no screw is included from the factory.  A local hardware store may be a good source - you can borrow the one from the factory drive to take along to match length and thread pitch.



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I'm curious to know what the limitations are for adding mSATA drives into the Lenovo Yoga 13.. from the hardware maintenance manual [Maintenance Manual] it lists "128GB*(i've been trying to find out what (*) indicates, no luck yet!),(comma) 256GB/512GB(WiFi Model Only)(TBC)" to me this reads as-(1)slot must be 128GB and the second slot may be 256GB or 512GB, what do you think?? Has anyone successfully installed (2)256GB mSATA drives? how about (2)512GB mSATA drives? Thank you much!!


I'm interested in this question. Is it you can put the 512GB mSSD yoga13 one in slot 2?
Has anyone tried?


Hello - I was hoping that to install the mSata drive I just had to take the base off - from this article I assume that this is not the case - is that correct please?


Thanls, Mel


unmounting accessed by keyboard, but you also have to remove the screws from below, we must dismantle whole. I leave this link for you to see:


There are some good videos on youtube about this. I will be putting in a 256 in 2nd drive bay.


I just installed a Crucial 512GB mSATA in the second slot. Formatted size is 476.81GB




Guess I messed up somehow.  Installed a 512G SSD in the second SSD slot on my Yoga 13, and now the space key, return, up and down arrows and a few other right side keys no longer function.  Plugged in a USB keyboard and all work on it, as well as the touch screen keyboard.  Installed a new keyboard and got the same non-functioning keys.  Guess it is not a keyboard issue.  Is the 512G SSD causing this?  Or what did I do or fail to do?  Thanks in advance.

It's likely that the ribbon cable for the keyboard is not fully inserted
into the board connector or it got damaged.
The drive shouldn't be causing that.
I installed a 512gb in my Yoga 13

That is reassuring to know you did it without any problems.  After this happened I did buy a new keyboard and had a shop install it to make sure it was done correctly.  But same issue with the new keyboard as well.  So possibly something else happened.  I see comments regarding Bios updates and such and wonder if my machine is not set up for the 512G drive.  But when I look at the Lenovo site the Bios updates are no later than mine.  Thanks again for your comment.
Yeah, not sure about the bios.
Can you see the drive? The only problem is the keyboard?

When I installed mine and booted into Windows it found a new drive and
prompted me to format and set it up, no issues.

Likewise for me.  When I installed the second SSD I was prompted to set it up and it installed without any problems.  The only issue is the few keys on the keyboard that no longer work.  Since I get the same result with two keyboards, it must be something other than the keyboard.  But the issue occurred after putting in the second SSD so it seems to have a relationship to the problem. 
Is it possible the connector on the motherboard may have been damaged where
the keyboard connects?
This is the only thing I can think of.
Good luck with it.


I followed some of the online instructions to install an SSD into the 2nd slot.

As usual, I did some experimenting and I cloned 256GB memory that was already installed onto a Samsung 1TB mSATA SSD (Evo 850) and then swapped out the 256GB for the 1TB. It worked perfectly. Ultimately I decided to keep the 256GB SSD in the original slot and add the 1TB into the 2nd slot. It's been about a year and everything works fine. I actually just bought anoth 1TB (Samsung Evo 860) for a total of 2TB in the laptop which is an awesome amount of space.... Alot of it is personal pictures and video which are growing in size with greater quality. 


The problems I ran into were....

1. Drive Partition. I neglected to keep this intact while experimenting. Now Windows 10 keeps giving me errors when it wants to update anything related to the partition.

2. Initial recognition is a problem. In order to get the SSD to work, I had to buy an enclosure, throw the SSD into the enclosure, formate the SSD, then clone / copy everything over to that drive that I wanted. The initial recognition part is the pain. In the BIOS, it can say how large the size of the drive is but says that it is not a valid drive. Currently trying to work through this again. I vaguely remember having this problem before as well. After it is recognized and formated, installation was the next step.

Anyone that can help, that would be awesome! (Update: After opening START, type "disk managment" and the disk management program will pop up. Once plugged via USB, the SSD will be recognized and can be formated in NTFS and then will be recognized by pretty much any computer once plugged in.)

3. There are some YouTube videos that show you how to install it but I didn't like them in the end. Because I followed the advice on one of them, I ended up breaking a plastic internal part. Its not a big deal because it doesn't cause any real structural or usability issues but I am OCD and would rather not break anything if I don't have to. So just be careful which instructions/vids you chose to follow. I'll post a link that I used later that shows step by step instructions. I would use the YouTube vids for pointers of how to unconnect or what not and not follow the videos otherwise. 




Personally, I would use this site for instructions because they are detailed with sufficient pics.

YouTube vids and other sites were ok. I used those for small pointers that were not obvious on this sight.

I also skipped taking out the battery. Not sure the utility of taking out the battery since it was not in the way of taking out the old SSD drive for me.


I used a Samsung Evo 850 1TB drive for the 2nd memory slot. I have used this for over a year without any issues. 

I cloned my OS and everything else onto a Samsung Evo 860 1TB drive and just installed it into the original slot.

Total memory - 2 TB... unheard in laptops I've seen online that are brand new and I bought this laptop when it first came out.

So far the hard drive is working without any issues though don't expect any because of the lack of issues from the installation of the extra drive a year ago. 


I found the ifixit guide takes about 15min but only if you have experience in taking apart and putting together this laptop. My first time took me about an hour or two because I was being careful and I had never done it before.