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Cancel Y2P order?

May a Lenovo employee contact me via private message to assist me with the cancellation of my recent Y2P order.


The mods have made it clear to me that I must take what I can get and be satisfied with a buggy $1,300 system. This has been evident by the deletion of my post and lack of communication in spite of my request.


I no longer wish to buy this computer with fan issues (after the bios update) and potentially problematic wifi issue at a $1,300 price tag.


I am ok if this post gets deleted, but please contact me with cancelation instructions. To be fair, I tried to contact Mark_Lenovo directly, but there is no contact link on his profile page.


If Lenovo fails to assist me with the cancelation, I will contact the and I will stop payment on my CC.



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Re: Cancel Y2P order?

Seriously?  Have you tried calling the sales department?  Or just felt the uncontrolable urge to get on your soap box?

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Re: Cancel Y2P order?

Yes, but after waiting 30 min on hold, on my family plan, I grew aggitated and will try again later if this fails to elict a response. 


Also, you fail to see my fustration. Here I am giving $1,300 to this company and yet the long hold time plus rude online support has me ticked off.

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Re: Cancel Y2P order?

I get that you are frustrated, but you'll have better luck getting a response from the right people if you just call again when its less busy. Or you can complain here, where it's unlikely much will happen.

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Re: Cancel Y2P order?

I have contacted Lenovo numerous times and have never waited 30 minutes on hold or even 2 minutes on hold.  You aren't going to be able to cancel an order in a Support Forum.

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