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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Change onekey default path

Presumably you made those backups before you ran the repartition tool? Or maybe you didn't run it at all?

The issue with reimaging the drive is that i get the stupid partition table back as week as all the bloatware again, which is why i ran the repartition tool in the first place (to get rid of it). So. In my view, the only fix is for Lenovo to release an installable version of the OKR tool that isn't hard coded to look for particular drive letters or file locations, which surely ought to be easy?
Punch Card
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Re: Change onekey default path

I did not run the tool but my drive was already fixed with the new scheme (I still have a D: drive but this is only 4GB). I did not seem to have any excessive bloatware, nothing that could not be removed easily. I am sure if re-imaged with the latest version you will have no issues.

Paper Tape
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Re: Change onekey default path

Since you mentioned that you have the recovery image on a dvd, is it possible that you could share it with me? Cuz after running the partitionting tool I don't even have a recovery option. 

Can't send it to service center as it is not in Astana but in Almaty and it will take at least one month (according to the local retailer). Cant' even order the recovery disks as the for that I have to call at their number in Moscow but apparently these are only available in US and some select countries.

So can you and will you share the recovery discs?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Change onekey default path

I created another thread here on this issue -


Perhaps Lenovo will pay attention to this one?  Hello?

Paper Tape
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Re: Change onekey default path

I also am having this problem. 


Unfortunately though, when I ran the hotfix, it **failed** at step 32 due to some program or service being used by another service.  It was stuck in a loop for over an hour, so I had to stop the hotfix process.  When I went back to try it again, the hotfix wouldn't re-run since the partition structure was already changed.  The Lenovo Yoga 13 boots up okay and seems to be fine - EXCEPT - the OneKey doesn't work.  Now, I am left with a new C: drive with the backed up old D: drive stuff AND a Q drive which seems to be part of the hotfix process that didn't complete.  Ugh.  Not sure what to do now.  ((see this post - someone with a similar issue - ))


All this was done on my BOSS's computer (I wear the "IT hat" at work, but I'm not an IT professional).  I also have a Yoga 13 but I'm hesitant to even TRY the hotfix on my computer since it didn't really work right on his.  I'm not sure he cares too much about having the OneKey recovery, but it bothers me that the system doesn't work like it's supposed to.  To be safe, I created a restore point on Windows' back up system as of yesterday.  Yes, it was after the hotfix, but the system seems to be stable as is and I wasn't sure what other fixes I may have to try in these next few days.


So as of right now - I'm not sure what to do next.  Like I said - his computer is working and he does have quite a bit of freed up space (the ultimate goal as far as he is concerned).  But, if something happens and I have to hose the whole thing and start over.... I'm not sure what will happen.


Oh - another thing... I tried to back up an image of his C/: drive and then restore it onto a new SSD (I upgraded and added a new one in the open slot).  I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to restore the image onto the new SSD.  I tried using DriveImage XML (free version).  What a nightmare that was.


Again - I'm not an IT pro, so I get nervous doing registry edits or powershell stuff.  But if I have exact instructions, I can do it. Anyone out there willing to assist?


Thanks - Jenny

Not an IT Pro, but I wear the IT Hat at the office....

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