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Charging issues!! Yoga Ideapad has stopped charging!!!


My husband purchased an Ideapad Yoga 11S last year. Last month, the power cord stopped charging. I took the system into a repair shop, and they told me that the charger wasn't registering any power activity, and that I'd need to buy a new one. 

I ordered a new one... one month later, it too has stopped charging the computer! I have NO IDEA why? My son uses this for school, and he can't access any of his work, nor can he participate in classwork that requires the computer. 

I researched solutions, and found that I should unplug the unit and take out the battery --- YEAH RIGHT... a special screw driver is needed to do that, so we can't get the screws out without stripping them. 

I am VERY frustrated because the computer is no longer covered under warranty... is the new charger that I purchased covered? Is there something else that I can do? 

Any help in this matter is extremely appreciated. 


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