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Clarifying Question - Lenovo 910-13IKB Pen?

2019-07-13, 6:03 AM

OK SO! I am growing increasiningly frustrated and would appreciate some clarification. I bought the Lenovo Yoga 910. I chose this computer specifically because I was dazzled by it's ability to fold completely over into a tablet, which I thought would be excellent for drawing. I've run into several complications on that front, one being that Photoshop does not work in tablet mode (the workaround being I make do with the pre-installed Sketchbook app, which is fine for now) and most recently, the Pen.


I have recently heard the very distressing news that my particular model of lenovo yoga (AND THIS ONE ALONE APPARENTLY) does not have the capacity to work with a stylus? Not even the Lenovo Active Pen? A Lenovo Brand Instrument that should be compatable with ANOTHER LENOVO BRAND INSTRUMENT?


So far what I've read is that this ONE VERSION of this computer (both older and new models do not have this issue) is not pen compatable. Round, rubber tipped styluses are compatible (but I've tried those and they are jumpy and innaccurate), but digital pens, including those made by Lenovo, don't work.  I am *literally* nauseous over this, because it is such a waste of money. I can return the Active pen, but I'm stuck with this laptop that does not work in any of the ways I bought it for. I just want to draw! Digitally! And I can't do that long term with only my finger!!! WHY EVEN BOTHER MAKING A TOUCHSCREEN TABLET COMPUTER IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO MAKE IT PEN COMPATIBLE.


I apologize for the all caps and the angry rant, but this is beyond frustrating and aggravating. I am SO so so so so so sad right now. Likely I will be ashamed later for being That Person writing This Sort of review, but for now Please, someone, I beg of you, Is this true, or is there someway to use the Lenovo Active Pen 1 with a Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB?



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