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Complaint about Yoga 2 Pro, & Technical Support in Dominican Republic (GBM Dominicana)

Dear Lenovo,


I am writting to complain about your equipment as well as the technical support team you have in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (GBM Dominicana; GBM-DR). I bought a brand new Yoga 2 Pro laptop from a friend that brought it from the U.S. last year, in its box and seals intact, full warranty, for around 900 USD. After having it for 9 months (and roughly 6 of use), and several visits to GBM-DR, this faulty equiment is useless!! Here is the recap:


1. First, a "tag" was making contact with the CPU fan. GBM-DR ordered a new fan and change it.


2. Then, the WIFI connection kept dropping. After checking, GBM-DR decided to replace the wifi card, which took like two months. As you can imagine, I spent whole month using the computer for non-internet purposes.


3. Afterwards, I took it again to GBM-DR because this time the machine did not turned on. I demanded for a new equipment since this one was giving me so much trouble, but the people at GBM-DR told me that ordering a replacement for this machine was not possible. The motherboard was damaged and the repairment would take 2 months. I was left 2 1/2 months without computer, and very unsatisfied.


4. When they returned it, the keyboard lights weren't turning on, so I had to come back. They fixed that right away.


5. Lastly, on last december I brought the computer because the screen started to flicker and black out for no reason. The people at GBM-DR told me that my warranty was over and I had to pay for the service. I left the place.


As you see, I have 10 months dealing with a 900 USD computer that is faulty, pure garbage. The support service in Dominican Republic knew my computer was faulty and they never provided me with a definitive solution. Always kept staling the case, when they should have given me a new equipment. To put the cherry on the top, is an enigma to contact the headquaters customer service support to file a complaint. 


I really am very pissed at Lenovo because of the defective equipment you allowed to go to the market, the underwhelming customer service you provide, the underqualified technical support I received in Dominican Republic (GBM-DR), and the fact that I am stuck with a 900 USD piece of crap that I can't use to work and I cannot sell forward!!!


I feel cheated, stolen from, and ripped-off by Lenovo and its chain of service. I demand a satisfactory resolution of this situation.

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Re: Complaint about Yoga 2 Pro, & Technical Support in Dominican Republic (GBM Dominicana)

The same thing happened to me. I haven't even used the computer for the last 3 months because "support" just kept saying they couldn't help me because it was a software problem - and there was NOTHING on my computer but what it came with. Still under warranty and I'm out of the USA, I too feel cheated. I told the service to look up the problem on this site because it's not only me. She said, it's only me. Nice! I can send this back to America. It's taken about 30 hours of trying to fix it myself, now I just avoid it. I know this is a problem with the configuration of LENOVO and Windows 10 because the same things happened when I updated my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 from Windows 8 to 10. I'm overwhelmed and unsatisfied to say the least.

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