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Fanfold Paper
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Component Upgrades Yoga 13

I'm planning on adding ram and an ssd to my Yoga 13.  Can someone who has actually done this tell me the proper way to remove and reinstall the keyboard?  I took a peek and it's got a bunch of metal snags and plastic clips + the ribbon.  Any information is much appreciated. 


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Re: Component Upgrades Yoga 13

Hello and welcome,


The Hardware Maintenance Manual is probably your best bet: IdeaPad Yoga13 Hardware Maintenance Manual



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Punch Card
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Re: Component Upgrades Yoga 13

Hi... youtube


Hope it helps


Paper Tape
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Re: Component Upgrades Yoga 13

Check out my post here for the right components, tools, supplies and procedure you'll need to follow to get the memory upgraded to 8GB and how to add a second SSD to your Yoga 13: 

How to Upgrade Memory and Storage on the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Component Upgrades Yoga 13

RAM is pretty easy upgrade.  The keyboard is the only thing you have to remove.  To replace the SSD or add another, you have to pull the keyboard and remove the screws that have arrows pointing to them and then all the torque screws on the bottom.  The front corners (by the power button) have magnets, so they are seemingly hard to separate, but once the screws are out it will come apart easily.  I flipped my screen all the way over and carefully separated the top cover from the base.  There is one ribbon cable connected, but you can move the top cover out of the way enough to insert the mSATA drive without disconnecting it.  There is a video no the web that shows this process, but the drive goes in under where the Backspace key is located.

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Re: Component Upgrades Yoga 13

Hi all,

one more useful document,

hardware service training for the IdeaPad Yoga 13...



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