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Paper Tape
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Connecting Yoga 920 to projector via Windows desktop using AirServer

I am a primary school teacher. I teach in 19 different classrooms, each with a Windows deskptop connected to a data projector and a Polyvision interactive whiteboard. I want to be able to use my Yoga 920 to connect to the IWBs in those rooms, however plugging and unplugging my laptop to connect to the projector each time is not feasible (connection point is not readily accessible in many rooms, takes time, class full of rowdy little children needing my attention!).


(Why can't I just use the desktop in each classroom? I'm a Japanese teacher and I want to use a specific piece of software. To install that software on every desktop would cost my school several thousand dollars per year for a site licence, which we can't afford, and it's a lot of money when I am only in each room for an hour a week. So, I'm hoping I can use my laptop, which has the software installed (legally), to get around the problem and save us money.)


One possible suggestion from the IT people at my school is to connect to the desktop using AirServer, which is installed on every machine (so that teachers can display their iPads on the IWB). From what I can gather, this SHOULD be possible... The AirServer website tells me that my laptop must be able to MiraCast, which I think the 920 can do.


Has anyone tried this? Can anyone help in exactly HOW to do it?


Also, if I am able to get my laptop projected up onto the screen via AirServer, will I still have the touch functionalty of the IWB, or would the students have to use the touchscreen on my laptop?


Alternatively, would Remote Desktop be a better option? ie connect each classroom desktop remotely to my Yoga 920 and work it from there.


Any help/suggestions gratefully received!

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Re: Connecting Yoga 920 to projector via Windows desktop using AirServer

The first thing I'd do is petition the school board for new IT people. Smiley Very Happy This is the very thing they get paid to do. I know, they'll say, "It's a personal computer and we can't touch equipment that doesn't belong to the school." Which is bunk because they obviuosly helped with the tablets. 


Basically, if the Airserver is up and running on the classroom desktop, then Windows 10 should see it. Windows Key > Settings > Devices and Printers. Click "Add a Device" and scroll through the list until you see it. Once you've added it, you should be able to click on the Project button in the Action Center to enable it. 


Here's where I'm getting all of that.


I haven't done it, myself, and hopfully someone else has and can add to this.  Two things that could be issues. First, I'd think each classroom's desktop would be unique, so you'd have to set it up 19 times and remember which one goes with which classroom. Hopefully, IT has assigned computers names that are easy to associate with the room. Otherwise, you'll need a list as you'll have 19 devices to choose from. Get the wrong one and you could be inadvertantly projecting to an adjacent classroom. The second issue is controlling the display. AIUI, Miracast will project your display, but I do not think you'd be able to control things from the IWB. You'd need a wireless mouse (or just put the 920 into Tablet Mode and use the touchscreen). There's also a bit of a lag, so the two displays won't be perfectly in sync. When you move the mouse pointer, the IWB will be behind just a bit. (I'm also assuming that, when using pads, touching the IWB doesn't control the tablet. If it does, then I'm wrong in my assumtion Miracast is one-way)



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Paper Tape
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Re: Connecting Yoga 920 to projector via Windows desktop using AirServer

Thanks so much for your help. I will try out your suggestions when I am at school tomorrow. I'm pretty sure each desktop is already named appropriately (eg "Room 1") so that it's easy to connect the iPads to the correct machine. iPads are owned by the school, we don't have BYOD. Tech person is trying really hard to help me but is constrained by Department rules -I work in a public (government) school.


Another issue complicating things is that I can't connect my personal laptop to the school network (Department rule - no personal devices), but I can connect to the school's wifi. So I may have a problem with the "simple" solution via Windows 10... Hopefully, being on the same wifi network is enough to be able to use AirServer. Sorry, I'm not a tech expert! Kind of trying to muddle my way through. 

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