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Blue Screen Again
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Cracked Screen



This is the 1st time I buy a Lenovo product , this was a really bad experience.
 The LED screen of my Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 3.14 has cracked on 28th June, while I received the pad on 2nd June Since the cracking happened only 3 weeks from the day I received it, I am very sure that it has not been dropped on the floor, bang or being stepped .  
I just opened and closed  the lid for working on my documents and surfing as usual like i used other laptops or pad before.  Don't you think it is ridiculous of having the screen cracking  under such normal usage ??
  • Lenovo should emphasis  how to use your Lenovo Yoga 3.14 Ideapad  if the LED screen you have used is so fragile.
  • Some more , your design is specifically for converting to pad by folding it is your fault for not informing your user how should it be handled specifically if you have using a fragile LED screen .    
I bought your laptop for working and I am now experiencing troubles of not having it after paying .As you understand, computer and laptop are now our hand for working, Without it, our work and life are being derailed. I would like to seek your compensation beyond the cost for having stated  trouble, looking forward to hear from you.
While the screen cracked  on 28th June (night) , I had approaching Lenovo Service agent on 30th June and writing to Lenovo Malaysia, their merchant ( my vendor ) in last 10-14 days. Both merchant and  Lenovo Malaysia have refused to honour such unreasonable damage but emailing me the quotation of repair that cost more than 50% of the cost of purchase.
 I would like to escalate this iss hope the Lenovo Corporate ,I hope the regional/corporate management is not being short-sighted by  perceiving  the compensation of less than RM5000  is far more expensive than your goodwill and potential sales lies behind for willing to taking the ownership of this fault.  
Looking forward to hear from you. 


Paper Tape
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Re: Cracked Screen

I have a similar case.
yoga 3 pro screen cracked after two days of normal use.

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