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Fanfold Paper
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DDP UMDF driver failed

Got a message the Lenovo Solution center that the DDP UMDF driver was disabled due to critical error (31).  Tried updating driver and it says it's the most recent driver.  Driver was installed 2-Nov-14 and I got the computer 6-Jan-15, so it was obviously a problem in the building of the system.  It is apparently impossible to actually CONTACT Lenovo personally and of course you are not supplied with the software to reinstall OS. 


Anyone encountered this problem and what do I do about it?  What is it going to do to my computer?  I already have problems with Harmony (doesn't work, hangs up, won't uninstall) and occasionally the computer goes into sleep mode for no reason (being used and is plugged in - just goes black and I have to push power button to wake it up).  Don't know if those are related to this.


This computer is brand new.  This is incredibly frustrating.  And I can't even find out how or where to find a support location if I need one.


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Re: DDP UMDF driver failed

DDP UMDF is an audio driver.Most likely isn't properly installed.


Go to Desktop->File Explorer->on the D drive you should have a '''Drivers'' folder->Go to ''Audio''->open ''Setup.exe'' and follow the instructions.First it will uninstall the drivers->Reboot....after reboot it will reinstall the drivers(wait a little)->Reboot.


Now check Device manager.Smiley Happy

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Re: DDP UMDF driver failed

I got "install Realtek HD audio driver failure error code 0001, please help I've tried everything!
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Re: DDP UMDF driver failed

Hi - I'm showing the same ! in Device Manager for my DDP UMDF Driver. I did the instructions in the accepted Solution; here's what happened:


1. Went to D: and from the Drivers > Audio folder, clicked Setup.exe

2. It did not uninstall any drivers, rather, it just went through an insteall process.

3. Upon finishing, it rebooted.


Still same failure shown in Device Manager. Attempting to update the driver right from the device in DM just says that my drivers are up to date.


If I unintall DDP UMDF from Device Manager, will running Setup.exe from the D: drive install it back again but hopefully this time not corrupted?


I have no Audio Device showing in DM at all, no speaker sound and no microphone on my Yoga 3 Pro for almost 2 months now and it's getting to the point where I'm going to be forced to blow my system away and start over. Very painful process I don't want to do because this is my work computer. Can anyone help?

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: DDP UMDF driver failed

I got a Windows message to troubleshoot drivers, ran troubleshoot and got a message that said DDP UMDF Driver has a problem.  I clicked on it and then got a message that said no problem is detected.  What's up with that?  The Windows icon still showed that there is a problem, even though the troubleshoot said there wasn't.  I have Windows 10.  Step by step, plain language--I went to Control Panel, Device Manager, System Devices, scrolled down to DDP UMD F Driver and it was marked a problem.  I then clicked on DDP UMD F Driver, clicked Driver tab in the box, clicked uninstall, then reinstall, and it is now fine.  Windows "troubleshoot" isn't very accurate!


A day later I got the error message again about the DDP UMDF Driver having a problem.  Now I don't know what to do.  This is ridiculous...

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