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Defective Laptop Yoga 900

2016-03-29, 11:29 AM

To whom it may concern,


My name is Ron and I'm contacting you regarding a defective laptop which I've recently purchased directly from Lenovo.


  • Model: Lenovo Yoga 900.
  • Model number: Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK
  • Serial Number: ******** (moderator: removed s/n for privacy reasons) 
  • MTM: 80MK00KGUS
The laptop was purchased in the US approximately a week ago and delivered to my sister in NYC. Upon my request, she hasn't powered up the laptop as I wanted to deal with the initial setup.

I live in Israel and my sister has just brought the laptop over to me.
Since the first time I've turned the laptop on, I've encountered numerous technical issues.

List of technical issues in ascending order of severity:

  1. Upon the first start, the cursor was not visible. I can tell it was there as moving my finger around on the touch-pad highlighted certain fields in the setup process. Later on, the cursor appeared out of nowhere.
  2. The Bluetooth driver constantly fails every other time I power up, causing me to uninstall and reinstall the driver. 
  3. The most severe issue is with the touchscreen. It has failed altogether after just two days since the first time it was powered up. I have no content nor programs/apps installed on the device yet. A two day old laptop... You can see the driver error in the screenshot above. This is a 2-in-1 laptop. The touch screen is one of its main features.

Actions I've taken until this point regarding the touchscreen:

  1. As Lenovo do not provide customer service over the phone on Sundays, I chatted with one of your reps. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. We tried updating the BIOS with no luck as well. The last suggestion was to restore Windows. That did not work. At this point, the rep referred me to a local certified Lenovo Lab.
  2. I took the new laptop over to the lab right away, CPM. Their technician has verified that the computer is defective and that it is not a software issue. He has confirmed that the screen needs to be replaced and that they will order a new one for me. When I elaborated on the other issues I've encountered (mentioned above), he confirmed that their is something horribly wrong with my specific device and that If I've encountered these issues at such an early stage, it's only a matter of time before I find myself at the lab again in the near future.
  3. Yesterday I called your Support Center in an attempt to reach a suitable solution for this grave situation. I spoke with a very kind and polite rep which attempted to assist me. However, we were not able to find common grounds on this situation.
My Predicament

I have been a loyal Lenovo customer for over 10 years in which I've purchased multiple devices for my family and business. As such, I find your policy extremely disappointing. Allow me to elaborate. I paid top dollar for one of your flagship products, not to mention that I purchased the top spec model for the series in question. I purchased a new laptop. The suggested substitution of the screen will place me in a situation where I've paid for a new device and ended up with the equivalent of a refurbished one. Not to mention the other issues I'm currently suffering from and newer issues I will probably encounter as mentioned by your certified technician.

Upon speaking with your rep over the phone yesterday, she explained that I cannot receive a new laptop as I'm not located in the country it was purchased in and that it is too difficult for Lenovo to send a new device over.

Personally, I find that reasoning unacceptable and extremely disappointing. My customer experience post purchase is simply horrible.

Please step into my shoes for a moment. I paid a hefty sum for what seems to be an excellent laptop. It's completely understandable that one out of X laptops may have and issue directly out of the box. That said, the only solution I'm being offered is: "Hey, let's start swapping components in your new 2 day old laptop until everything works out."

I'm sorry but Lenovo must take responsibility when their product is defective from the box regardless to my GEO location. It's is simply immoral to have me pay for a new product and settle for a refurbished one.

Mentioning that it will be difficult to send one a new device over is insulting to say the least. The lab can order a new screen for me from overseas but not a new device??

Furthermore, this device is sold locally, in the exact same spec, excluding a different power plug and Hebrew printed letters on the key board which I'm OK with. Should these issues have occurred a few months after the purchase, a fix would be completely understandable, but not with a two day old device.

How is it that I can be expected to miss out on a work day, travel to the lab, spend time and money doing so and probably repeat this entire process again in the near future as newer issues are bound to occur?

I'm not even asking for any form of compensation for my time. I just want you, Lenovo, to do the right thing. Be fair and understanding with your customers. More importantly, own up to your mistakes. Please take the defective laptop you've sold me and provide with a new device.

Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


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Re: Defective Laptop Yoga 900

2016-03-29, 12:13 PM

Hello RonBen, welcome to the community,


sorry to have to read about your experience so far.  I'm going to be sending you a private message requesting some more details from you in order that I can see exactly which options are open to resolve the situation, please click on "messages" at the top of the forum when you see a "1" in the orange circle.


Thanks in advance




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