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Lenovo Staff
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Some reviewers say yes, some say no. What's the truth?


Yes, the Yoga 3 Pro has a small fan.


  • Where is the fan located?

It is located to the rear right of the keyboard, between the Backspace and Delete keys and the watchband hinge.


  • Does the fan have vents?



  • Where are the vents located?

The exhaust vent is located on the rear right edge, above the hinge, about 4cm from the right corner.
There is a similar, smaller vent located about 10cm from the right corner. It's where the processor is and presumably allows air in.


  • Do the vents get blocked in tablet mode?

No, they are positioned such that they are not blocked in any of the Yoga modes.


  • Does the fan make a lot of noise?

It only comes on when the processor is under high load. I've owned a lot of laptops, and this is the quietest fan I've met.


  • The fan (Yoga 3 Pro with bottom cover removed):



  • The vents:


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On my yoga 3 pro the fan is constantly runnning and it is very annoying. 

Is there any fix for this?


Same problem here


I have the samy problem. Fan is still running even there the processor load is very low. 


Same here.


same here


Not only does the Yoga 3 have a fan, you will hear it run often. It's not loud, but it is noticeable. It's strange. The computer can be doing nothing more than displaying a web page and the fan will run on/off at 5 minute intervals. I have no idea what it will do when playing video. Perhaps tent mode would be the position to least likely cause the fan to come on.


For me, the fan on my Y3P kicks in often when I'm running Windows 10 but almost never when I've booted into Linux Mint (17.2 "Rafaela" 64-bit). I have to assume it's a Windows thing and won't be fixed until Microsoft updates the os with an ultrabook-specific revision.


I just bought the new Yoga 3 Pro with an i7 and the fan rarely turns on and when it does it's only for a few seconds. It has four vents along the watch hinge edge. Granted I'm not putting much of a load on it, mostly web browsing. 


im here for same reason, can anyone answer what can i do with that annoying noise?


Nothing, the only thing we can do is contact lenovo support via chat or phone and let them know about the issue. All YOGAS 3 Pros have this issue. I have had 3 of them and all of them had the fan on most of the time. On this informations says that the will come on only cpu load which is not true at all. The more people complaint more possibility to get an answer from lenovo.


The fan works mostly in web browsing with Chrome. This seldom hapens in Explorer. 

however, the noise is very low and caused probabbly by the bad architecture of the exhausts: if you put something, a pen for instance, near the exhausts, the noise disapears. 


I've had my Yoga 900 for about a year, now.  All of a sudden it has started the high pitch squeel and popping noise.  I'm contacting support on Monday, but would be nice if someone had a solution today.  My cats hate me.