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Does your Yoga have this issue, Chassis bent /bowed

I currently have a 2 month old Yoga 11s.  I use it mostly as a tablet or in tent mode and its perfect for holding with one or two hands.  Yesterday at church I was taking notes on it with my trusty little stylus when I noticed the chassis has a bow in it. 


I have a simple theory as to why this is happening.  It comes from holding the yoga in Tablet form in portrait orientation.  There is a tiny gap caused by the hinge design and the feet of the laptop.  If you hold your hands in the middle of your tablet your squeezing the keyboard and screen together causing it to deform under its own weight.


I'm thinking of contacting yoga and asking to purchase two extra orange feet.  I want to know if placing them in the middle will cause the screen to stop flexing.    My greatest fear is that they are two thick and this idea won't work or I will have to sand them down a bit in order to keep the gap equal.



So I'm curious if I'm the only one has this issue?  Flip your yoga around or just take a simple ruler on the keyboard to see if yours is deformed.  I've noticed that this thing really flexes under any pressure. 

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Re: Does your Yoga have this issue, Chassis bent /bowed

Yes. Yoga bought yesterday, and is clearly bent. No need for the ruler. I'm returning it this afternoon.
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Re: Does your Yoga have this issue, Chassis bent /bowed

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Re: Does your Yoga have this issue, Chassis bent /bowed

Yes! I have the same with my Yoga 910. Still haven't had the time to send it to the service, but I will do it next week. Very disappointing!


If it is a design problem (so far I thought it was my problem only!) then we are entitled to an official solution by Lenovo.


Check my post here and the Lenovo reply

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