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Driver & Support: Win 8.1 vs Win 10 Flight Mode Driver Issue

2018-11-12, 2:41 AM

Customer Support:

For my current PC functional problems, I need help with resolving what appears to be an inconsistency with the available 8.1- and Win 10-related driver/utilities updates that are shown as "Recommended" for my PCs on Lenovo's "Driver & Support" site. Here's why. I purchased two (2) Yoga 2 11" Laptops, Type 80CX, Pentium Quad Core N3520 CPU, BIOS 92CN35WW Baytrail-M with Win 8.1 installed. At some point, the first of two problems showed up: the Airplane Mode On/Off (F7 Key) quit working on both PCs, presumably due to Win 8.1 updates/patches. But, I lived with it as the Mode could be switched by alternate means. Next I decided to take advantage of the free Win 10 update offer, but decided to upgrade just one of the PCs - so now I have one Win 8.1 and one Win 10 PC. Eventually, the second of the two problems showed up, but on just the Win 10 PC, again presumably due to Win 10 updates: the keyboard and pointer would quit working during use in the "Notebook" mode - one of the four operating modes, the other three being Stand, Tent, and Tablet Modes. I could temporarily fix this by reboots. This I could not live with, so I began searching for solutions. Using the Lenovo Drivers & Software site, I selected certain PC updates that I believed to be pertinent to this problem as well as some additonal updates that could be important and depend on the other updates to fix the problem. On this Win 10 PC, I installed 1) BIOS Baytrail-M update 92CN93WW.exe, 2) Yoga Mode Control for Win 8.1/10 wwym020.exe, 3)Lenovo Utility for Win 10 wwlb080.exe, and 4) Flight (Airplane) Mode Driver for Win 10 wwfd020.exe. This fixed not only the keyboard/pointer problem, but it also fixed the intial Airplane Mode On/Off (F7) problem that happened when this PC had Win 8.1 installed. So, the question I now have for my other Win 8.1 PC with the intial, existing Airplane Mode On/Off problem is this: Could this problem be fixed by installing the Flight (Airplane) Mode Driver for Win 10 wwfd020.exe on this Win 8.1 PC, even though it states it is applicable to only Win 10, as well as the other "Recommended" updates, namely, 1) BIOS Baytrail-M update 92CN93WW.exe, and 2) Yoga Mode Control for Win 8.1/10 wwym020.exe? If not, where could I find/download the Win 8.1-related Flight (Airplane) Mode Driver that would fix this problem on my Win 8.1 PC just as the Win 10 Flight Mode Driver just fixed my Win 10 PC? 

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