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Fanfold Paper
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Flex 4 screen flickering

Hi, I have a 4-month old flex 4 1480 80VD0007US.
Around 1 week ago I started having issues with the screen. When I am gaming the screen suddenly blacks out. Sometimes it turns back on, sometimes with colour distorted (added some red artistically), sometimes it stays off. I have to turn off the screen and turn it back on to fix it.
It used to be just during gaming but now it seems that the problem is spreading to normal use. And instead of blacking out, it suddenly freezes and changes colour in an artistic way.
I am sure the laptop is running perfectly when this occurs. 

I do not think it's due to overheat. The CPU was ~60 Celsius when it happens.


It looks like it happens after the latest win 10 update/ BIOS update from 2.04 (2SCN24WW) to 2.05 (2SCN25WW). Before that everything worked fine.

Downgrading to 2.04 doesn't solve the problem. (also having screen flickering after sleep problem in this BIOS version:

Display driver up to date:


Does anyone else have this problem? I am not sure if it's the Win update or loose cable that causes the problem.

Support Specialist
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Re: Flex 4 screen flickering

Hello Cedricyu803

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

So reverting back to the previous Windows did not resolve the issue.

I would recommend that you attempt a factory reset, this would confirm if the unit is having hardware issues, if the does not persists, then the issue was likely resolved as it was software related.


If the issue persits, then it would indicate a hardware issue, in which case, I would recommend that you get in touch with your Local Lenovo support line for a possible service on the unit, Below is the link to the phone list where you can find these numbers



Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Flex 4 screen flickering

Thanks for your reply.

I just witnessed the screen black out and upon turning off and on again, it shows red tint. The I turn off and on again, it goes away. I have been connecting my laptop to an external monitor. It shows no problem.

Since it happens regardless of having or not connected to an external screen, it looks like a hardware problem.

I will contact local Lenovo support. Thanks

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Flex 4 screen flickering

I had my laptop checked by the service centre technician. He found no hardware problem.

The last thing I could think of was Win update, after all it happened right after the last update.


I uninstalled KB4025342. Then the moment win update started installing it again, the screen keeps blinking. Upon restart, the screen is red tinted when the Win logo shows up, and after log on, the screen refreshes as usual and the red tint localised to near the start bar in the bottom. Then it disappeared. After that it blinked quite a few times, eventually blacks out.

So I uninstalled the update again and hide the update using a plugin to the Win 10 troubleshooter. 

I also disabled the "Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel" service.


No issue so far, not sure if they were the culprit. 

Please follow up with Microsoft. Thanks

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