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Paper Tape
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Flickering Screen go to Blank -- Stays blank

My NEW C930 display just decided to quit displaying. Last I recall was upgrading the battery BIOS... and did not use the lap for day or 2. When I did flip the lid, the screen was blank.


  • I did a couple resets, screen not visible -- no POST either, just blank
  • I hooked up to an external monitor, forced Windows to clone and then the LCD started flickering.
  • Lenovo and Windows updates are there. Since there is no POST (Lenovo Logo), I have not reason to believe it's Windows related.
  • Flickering was sensitive to touch around the  keyboard areas, AND if I moved the LCD at all...
  • Both the camera and pen work (viewing on the externally cloned monitor)... so panel is powered.
  • The flickering stopped, and the LCD is just blank... on way to see anything is via external connection.

Anyone run into this? It could be a loose ribbon, loose soder, backlight out, bad chip on the board,, a bad panel, or MB issue...


Warretny repair has me waiting +3 weeks before parts arrive-- looking for some other ideas--- I bought this for a express purpuse to travel... anywone seen this, and been through remediation?

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Re: Flickering Screen go to Blank -- Stays blank

Try posting in the Yoga c930 forum - might get more help there.... This is a Yoga Book forum. Good luck!

Paper Tape
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Re: Flickering Screen go to Blank -- Stays blank

Update on my scenario... while skilled in tech (30+years), I really did not want to get all chop shop on a brand new machine (I can afford not too), but after seeing the "on-premise" warrenty service say they were 3 weeks out on parts, I figured i had nothing to loose in giving this a whirl myself (or RMA it)... both pain..


Soooo.... I open the casing. Examined the board, and it looked like LCD connector was not well connected...Like half connected, after I popped up with a gently pry...  I guess disconnected is more accurate. It was not obvious by look.. So, using the same standard plastic sponger-tool -- I gentley reseat the LCD connector, which appeared to do the trick.  I did some light pressure checks on all the other connectors. The LCD appeared! Before I closed the case, it the LCD vanished again! The connector was solid.  I did a power-reset-- it came back, has been stable since.


If you have the tools, (e.g., T5 or T3,,,driver...), and you are so inclined... A depot-check at Best Buy or other maybe would have found the same... 


But for "the now", I am back up and flowing.

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