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Token Ring
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Re: Force Yoga 3 Pro CPU to work at highest frequency

Sorry I don't know the answers to your questions.

I am hoping that Windows 10, or some future windows updates will improve the software to better utiliise Intel's new Core M processors when they become more mainstream. I have heard that Windows 10 runs better, but I can't verify that because I'm currently running Windows 8.1.


In the meantime, I have found something today that you may find useful:

I found that Chrome youtube runs much smoother and cooler on my Lenovo Yoga 3 11 inch after installing the h264ify Chrome extension. This allows Chrome to use the h264 codec for youtube instead of the CPU hammering VP9 codec.

Paper Tape
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Re: Force Yoga 3 Pro CPU to work at highest frequency

To speed up Yoga 3 Pro Core M-5Y70 slow CPU disable DPTF in Bios


Go to Bios and disable DPTF


(Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework is a "solution to help enable thin, quiet, and cool platform designs". But as we can see it works awful)


Your laptop will be hotter, but it will work like a normal PC, capable of playing video on YouTube in Chrome 1080p 60 fps (on high performance mode, which you can choose clicking on battery icon in tray)


Before disabling:

Frequency on high load drops to 0.5 - 0.8 GHz, CPU usage stays on 20-70%. Laptop slows down extremely and become unusable. Can barely play any youtube video, extremly slow.


After disabling:

Frequency on high load stays on 1 - 2.6 GHz, CPU usage up to 100%. Laptop works as a normal PC, never slowing down. The bottom cover of the laptop becomes hot.


also i updated bios, not sure if it works on previous bios version.

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