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What's DOS?
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Formatting and custom installation

This is my laptop: Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB


I want to format this computer and use my Windows 10 Pro license instead of the usual home. I've noticed several concerning issues that I need to deal with prior to installing a new environment from scratch:

  1. The OEM license: I would like to keep an image on an external disk containing the factory settings for the laptop, just in case I have to fall back to it in the future. Is there a custom tool to do this? Do I need to use third party tools?
  2. Lenovo drivers, apps and bloatware in general. I will be getting rid of 90% of the bloatware as usual. I assume I only need the Drivers folder in the D: partition in order to install a new OS so everything works properly. I need to know what to keep and install to have it up and running with the Windows 10 Pro installation: Touch screen, fingerprint reader, pen support, graphics, etc.
  3. Possible BIOS locks. I wouldn't be surprised if there were BIOS locks to avoid changing the software. I would also like to know if there are any potential problems hiding under the blanket.
  4. Factory-default images with English localization. My laptop comes in Spanish, which makes sense because I bought it in Spain, but I don't want the OS in Spanish. I tried installing the English language pack and setting the default to it, but it's now it's only half english... folder names, some Windows apps and messages appear in english, suddenly they are spanish, then back to english. Are there any factory-prepared OS images I can use to install in my laptop in case something goes wrong?

Bonus question: I have problems to set my 1050 as the default graphics for some games that require this particular configuration, for example in Diablo 2 I must set the 1050 so the OpenGL driver can run properly. I can't run the app using the contextual menu "Run with graphics processor >" Because it says I don't have the privilege to select it from that menu, I should use the nVidia control panel, but this app has the dropdown menu to select the GPU grayed out, and I can't select one. This menu however isn't grayed out for other applications like Crysis or the 3dfx glide wrapper tool. Since I don't know who else I can ask about this, maybe someone can lend me a hand with this one.


Thanks in advance.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Formatting and custom installation

The OEM installed key for Windows 10 Home will remain embedded in the BIOS even after upgrading to WIndows 10 Pro, which will require you to enter a product key, but there is a 3rd party program called RWEverything that will allow you to save OEM Key stored in the BIOS for later reference if desired (see instructions here). 


If you are doing a clean install and do not want any of the preinstalled Lenovo software, I would download the latest device drivers for your system from to a flash drive etc. as they will be much newer than those in the Drivers folder, but it would not be a bad idea to back that partition up too.


There should not be any BIOS locks, and in fact if you just want to switch to Pro and not do a fresh install, you could just refresh your system, saving your files etc, to get Windows working properly again, and then simply just enter your Windows 10 Pro product key to upgrade and unlock the Pro version's features.


To change the language completely, see these instructions, but note that some 3rd party software may still need to be reinstalled, or updated manually.


I would also make a Windows Recovery Drive USB drive before starting to use should you need to revert back.


As far as the Diablo problem, that problem seemed to affect Diablo 3 as well, but I did not see an fix in Diablo forums, so there may not be one for that version.





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