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HUGE FAIL WARRANTY SUPPORT -- No response, even from Escalations twice, repair parts failed.

Motherboard was overheating and replaced by onsite.

It developed problems a week after installation:

Black screen, frozen machine, CPU at 100% with only a few processes running. 

Replaced palmrest also. Within a week, the touchpad and mouse buttons regularly unresponsie. 

No action or click when pressed. Cannot move cursor with touchpad. 

Another Yoga 900 also had palmrest repaired and that repair part came DOA said on-site repair tech. 

Are USED or DEFECTIVE parts being used in onsite repairs? 
Can I check on this by using the serial number or part number?

I have photos of the parts taken out and of those installed. 


Also, this  repair took months to happen. 


When I first called Warranty Support about my issue, they said someone would call within 3 business days. 
Phone call recorded. No phone call or followuup. 


Called back 10 days later. I heard someone would be calling me back. Still nothing happened. 


Case was escalated. Still no contact from Lenovo. 


When I checked back, Lenovo said the escalated case had been closed because of lack of information. 

A huge lie. Still no action or repair. 


Case was escalated again. STILL no call back from Lenovo. 


So, then I had to get corporate's attention. 


Repair finally happened. Motherboard, heat sink and palmrest replaced. 

Mobo and replacement touchpad and mouse buttons regularly unresponsie. 


So, LOOK at all this time and all these headaches. All this time wasted on my onsite warranty. 


BTW, everything is documented. Dates/times/agent during phone calls. Most of the phone calls

are recorded. Videos taken of stalled machine, black screen, touchpad and mouse buttons that do not work. 


This is the worst warranty support. I have spent hours and hours on this. 
Not just one error but a series of errors. 


And now my "repaired" machine is worse than before the repair. 

Lenovo, why are there so many errors? This is realy abominable. 

BTW, loyal Lenovo  customer. This is probably my 7th Lenovo.

And I'm sorry to say this is not the first time I've experienced these same delays and snafus. 

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