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This short video explains some of the key features of the Harmony App






Here are some stills and guided instructions for the Harmony Application


1) Starting the app


The application can be selected from the Win8/8.1 screen (the position on your screen may vary)




The initial screen will show usage statistics, it will mainly display which modes you have been using using during a certain period of time. See the example below




There are preselected options for the time intervals, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year (from left to right). The example below show statistics for the last day:




The orange/tangerine values are your actual usage, compared to the world usage for the same period of time on the left (we'll see later where is this data coming from)


Also the most used programs and apps per mod are displayed. You can select the corresponding modes by tapping/clicking on the the icon shown below




2) Changing settings


Clicking on the settings button will allow you to change the notification when changing modes:




You can also switch off sending anonymous usage statistisc to Lenovo. This information is later used when comparing how you use the Yoga 3 Pro compared to the rest of the world.




Now, when switching a mode harmony will display a small notification on the top right corner (unless deactivated as explained above)



If Mode Notifications is not active Tapping/clicking on it will display the harmony overview screen


Otherwise, each time you click on the notification message, you will see extra settings available for each mode


Check on the video below for a short demo:



4) Downloading apps


From the overview screen, Harmony will show trendy/most used applications, to download any of them just click on the small download symbol display in each app




You will be redirected to the Microsoft Store


3) Closing the settings screen


Click on the X icon to close the screen. However, the application will still run in the background and will still display the notifications when changing modes (if not deactivated as explained above)





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So far I find this app mildly annoying, and not at all helpful. Now that I know it is also SpyWare, I am tempted to uninstall--or at least tweak the privacy settings! 

Thanks for the (to me) creepy overview of Lenovo's overview of our usage stats. 




Delete it. You'll see a marked increase in performance and battery life.

I would like to delete it does this cause any problems?
I initially removed it about 5-6 weeks ago. The amount of processing memory it was using was incredible. However, it was updated last month and can be updated by running the One Key Optimizer. It repaired the problems with it. In order to delete it now, you'd need a program to do it with. It's tightly integrated into the OS now.

I spoke to Lenova and they said ok to uninstall so did and, so far, seems to
work. I can't get Outlook 2007 up though as it freezes when trying to

Thanks for your help


Are you installing a complete Office suite or just Outlook 2007? I would upgrade to Office 365 online in my opinion. I have it on my machine and it runs great. Plus the cloud features and 1 TB of storage is outstanding. Check it out on the Microsoft Office site.



Harmony can be uninstalled if you wish.


The high CPU utliization is discussed in this related article and was resolved with an updated version of Harmony.