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Help Needed, Please: Brightness control quit working; possible related issues?

Hi all. I got a Lenovo Ideapad laptop in November or December when my old laptop broke down. It's been working pretty well, but two days ago the brightness control stopped working. You can't use the touchscreen to do it either--the bar slides, but the brightness remains the same. (Fortunately it's an ideal one notch from the top.) Still, I need to fix this. I tried shutting down and restarting a few times, since sometimes you do need to do that to fix things (if videos won't play or the speakers don't work, for instance.) Didn't work. I tried downloading the drivers that came up recommended when I began typing my problem into this site--that didn't do it either.


There are other "strangeities" I've noticed that are not nearly as problematic, but that I thought miiight be somehow related...I don't know. When you start the thing up, often there's a little "Plugin Communications has stopped working" box. You click "end program" or whatever, and that's that. No other effects. Every time you open Chrome, it says that Chrome did not shut down properly and offers to restore the previous session. Well, that's kinda nice of it, but the thing is that it DOES shut down properly all the time, so I have no clue why it would say that. Also, since this thing runs Windows 8 (which I do not like, and no one I know likes it...but what am I gonna do?), you have to actually click into your desktop when it turns on. No biggie. However, all of those "app button" thingamajigs that are on that initial screen stopped working a day or two after I got the computer. That isn't a problem at all because they're all just slightly different versions of websites and I never saw the point anyway, so it's not as if the computer is really malfunctioning and refusing to do something (well, aside from adjusting the brightness at the moment!) I just thought that was a little weird, then assumed that maybe they were free trials of apps that would provide those functions on a phone or tablet or something. Whatever; doesn't really matter; just mentioning to give the full picture!


Thanks sooooo much in advance for your assistance...!

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