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Blue Screen Again
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Help Please :- Screen issue Yoga11s 11.6-inch, When touching the screen a odd colour retention

Help Please :- Screen issue Lenovo Yoga11s 11.6-inch Laptop , When touching the screen a odd coloured imagine where i last touched appears on the screen , the screen is not physically broken , it has not been dropped etc.


I recently bought a brand new :- Lenovo Yoga11s 11.6-inch Laptop intel Core i3 , 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD ,Model Number 59367205


It has been working fine but the other day for no apparent reason my screen acquired two arrow cursors instead of one. This extra one flickered and remained immovable from the screen for about 40 seconds and left a small circular image about 1cm across on my screen. I couldn't find a way of removing it, so I resorted to turning off my machine which caused the image to disappear when I switched it back on.


I now see a strange print image every time I touch the screen since then, as if it is showing heat sensitivity for a short interval. Rather annoying , but then it disappears.


Have I turned on some kind of development mode perhaps by accident , so that it shows where I last touched !


As anyone any ideas how to make this stop please or perhaps is my touch screen faulty ?!?


Has anyone had experience with this issue in the past ?

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