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Paper Tape
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Help on LENOVO_MT_20175 keyboard

I have a Yoga--and I loved it at first--but now there is a terrible problem. The mouse and typing keyboard lock up CONSTANTLY. When trying to register to post this message I had to put it into sleep mode once a minute and then wake it up to unlock keyboard and mouse. The touch screen works fine, but the mouse and keyboard just lock up. I am trying to finish a book for a deadline and it is impossible! Anyone have any ideas?


I saw a post that said turn off motion control. I searched for motion control in the control panel, and when I clicked it, it said "Lenovo Motion Control Already Running." I x'd it out but I don't think that did anything and have no idea how to turn it off.


Please help. I had to put computer into sleep mode and back on 4 times, just to write this message! UGH! If I am posting this in the wrong discussion, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


Moderator note:  post moved to this board based on 20175 = Yoga 13.  If I have that wrong, please provide additional information.  There are only about 10 different machines named Yoga around here...

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