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How boot from USB on Yoga C930? (USB-A)

I have a brand-new Yoga C930 2-in-1 with a 1TB SSD and 16 GB RAM, which I'd like to run Ubuntu Linux on. I can't manage to boot from a USB (type A) pen drive yet, though.


I managed to enter the BIOS (via this hint) and the "Boot from USB" option is "Enabled". When I exit the BIOS, though, saving the changes, having the USB pen drive plugged-in into the USB-A slot, Windows is booting up just normal. No USB boot happens, no boot menu is shown. Also, the usual pressing of buttons such as F2, F11, F12 or Del doesn't result in anything being shown from the BIOS.


How do I boot from a USB drive then? Obviously, when there is a related option in the BIOS, it should be possible, shouldn't it?

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Re: How boot from USB on Yoga C930? (USB-A)

I found out how to enter the BIOS more quickly, by pressing

<Fn> + <Alt> + <F2>

(Source: A Youtube video about the Yoga C920, also explaining running Linux.)


The video said, disabling Secure Boot would make "the Fedora installer boot". Booting from the USB stick doesn't happen yet, unfortunately. There seems to be another option I need to activate (I haven't yet deencrypted the Windows partition with Bitlocker, maybe it's that - not sure, seems weird).

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Re: How boot from USB on Yoga C930? (USB-A)

First do a full shutdown from Windows (SHIFT + shutdown) .


Then per your user's guide:


When the computer is off:
–Press Fn + Power button to open the Novo Button Menu. The Novo Button Menu provides four options: Normal Startup, BIOS Setup, Boot Menu and System Recovery.


Select the boot menu, select your flash drive.  If it doesn't boot it was probably prepared incorrectly.  More info on how you built the flash drive might help in that case.


BTW,  64-bit Fedora and Ubuntu will boot in secure boot mode, but it's OK to turn it off - and that may be necessary with other distros.



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Re: How boot from USB on Yoga C930? (USB-A)

Thank you!

<Fn> + <Power> button

does the trick. Awesome!


And Ubuntu is sooooo beautiful and fast as a desktop OS. It's really delightful! The Yoga should ship with it by default.

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Re: How boot from USB on Yoga C930? (USB-A)

A reminder to the wise from the embarrassed.


As a reminder, when you install Ubuntu,  make certain you have your bitlocker key handy when you follow these steps.  


Disabling secure boot and creating new partition for Ubuntu got Windows’ hackles up the next time I tried to boot into Windows.  I had to scrounge for it.  

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Re: How boot from USB on Yoga C930? (USB-A)

I presume this works the same with a Yoga 920? It's nice to know you can access the BIOS entry screen without having to poke that recessed button on the side - which is why I've never tried accessing the BIOS on my machine. I prefer to do that only during an emergency. And I do feel the need to be able to boot from a USB drive, because of bugs in Window's System Restore. The last time I tried to create a backup image on my Alienware Aurora  R7, the image would not complete!!! I tried twice within Windows 1809 and gave up. I had to create a backup image using Macrium Reflect, and so to use it in an emergency I'd need to boot off a Macrium USB rescue disk.


Good info in case I have the same stupid Windows bugs with my Yoga 920.

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