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Anyone know of a way to disable the caps lock key on the Yoga 13? I'm forever hitting it by mistake.


This method will teach you add a new value into registry. Please ensure you know what it does to avoid any problems that may disable you logging into Windows.


To disable the Caps Lock key on the Yoga 13, 


1. Press Windows+C to open the Windows Charm Screen-> Go to Search to open the Apps Search Field.
    Now, just type regedit.exe in the search field.


2. You will find an option on the left side of the registry editor called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Expand it.





3. Go to SYSTEM and expand it.


4. Choose CONTROL and expand it




5. Choose KeyBoard Layout and expand it.

Keyboard Layout



6. In the right side of the screen Right click-> Go to New-> Select Binary Value.

New Binary


7. Name it Scancode Map.

Scannode Map



8. Double click on it and write the value 00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000 and press OK.

New Binary Value


9. Close the Registry Editor and Reboot.


Note: To renable it back, just remove the value you have added and reboot the system again.

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 You can   instruct  via Windows  the cap lock  key to beep if turned on 


I am having the same issue with my Ideapad 310-15ABR. Nontheless, the solution does not work with it. Do you have any other suggestion? Please and thank you.