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How do you customize buttons on Active Pen 2 for Yoga 920??

So I recently purchased a Yoga 920


I am following the instructions to configure my pen.  I have connected it to my computer's bluetooth.    However the "Pen & Windows Ink" settings only allow me to configure the top button on my pen.  Not the two barrell buttons.


The instructions says I need either "Lenovo Pen Settings App"  or "Wacom Pen App"  to configure the two barrell buttons.  It doesn't seem to be preinstalled on computer, and I cannot find where to download them.   The instructions say to go to,  look up my computer, and download the app from the "Drivers and Software" section.  But none of the apps are listed there for the Yoga 920.    So, what am I supposed to do?  Where can I get these apps?


These are the instructions I'm looking at btw:


And even this guide here says I need the Wacom Pen App:


But,  How do I get it??


Thanks in advance





So I found the Wacom Pen App at the microsoft store and tried to insall it.  (And I already have Wintab (64 bit) installed.)  But when I try to run the app, it says "This app requires the Wacom Pen driver to be installed".   Err, which driver should I get, and where do I get it?    Is this even the proper solution? 


If possible, I'd like to get the Lenovo Pen settings app instead so I dont have to download a driver.  But it's not available at the microsoft store, so I'm not sure how to get it. 

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Re: How do you customize buttons on Active Pen 2 for Yoga 920??

It the below what you are looking for?


wac 920.PNG


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