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lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Do you want to retain legacy F1 to F12 function over the Multimedia shortcut function on the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro's Function Key row?


If you want to enable the Legacy mode on the Yoga 2 Pro Function Key row, just follow these steps:


Step 1: Shutdown your laptop.


Step 2: Press the NOVO button (located next to the ON/OFF button on the right side of the laptop), it has a Return symbol next to it.



Step 3: Select BIOS mode (Options 2) in the list of four options.


Step 4: Once in the BIOS menu, select the Configuration tab, and then select 'Hotkey Mode', make sure you disable the Hotkey Mode. 


Step 5: Save and Exit the BIOS menu by pressing F10 (You may have to press Fn + F10).



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The action of the NOVO button is key to resetting BIOS and these are the only directions I could find for using it. Excellent! Dr. J. Michael Menke.