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Lenovo has included a battery 'Conservation Mode', which prolongs your battery longevity (how long the battery will tend to last before finally needing to be replaced ) by limiting charging to battery to 55% ~ 60% of the battery capacity rather than fully charging it to 100%.  The trade off is that the system will not run as many hours as would otherwise be possible with a 100% charge.


You can enable the 'Conservation Mode' by following these steps:


Step 1. Double Click on the Lenovo Energy Manager icon in the Taskbar.


Y2P PM1.png



Step 2: Click on the expand button on the Energy Manager Windows


Y2P PM2.png


Step 3: Click on 'Settings' tab on the windows.


Y2P PM3.png


Step 4: Select/Enable battery 'Conservation Mode' in the Lenovo Energy Manager


Y2P PM4.png


P.S. You don't have to use this mode all the time, but if you are using the laptop with the AC adapter constantly connected, and don't really need the extended battery time, then this mode is something you should consider enabling to reduce unnecessary battery wear. 

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Lost this app after clean installation of windows 10 Pro, where do i find this driver/app/upgrade? /Norparn


The app freezes when I click the expand button on Win 10. I've posted about this yesterday here:

Apparently the current version of Lenovo Energy Management is not compatible with Windows 10. You can install it and it seems to work, but many users are reporting issues like system freezing. You can get to the conservation mode setting (and several other energy managment settings) without installing Energy Management by installing the Lenovo Settings app from the Microsoft App Store.