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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2012-12-27, 19:23 PM

Dont assume there is a universal fan or wifi or disk allocation problem. My 256gb yoga has the best wifi i have ever seen... almost always all bars even if i take it outside. The fans are normally unhearable... only get audible doing something intense. And not in need of disk reallocation... there is very little waste set aside for backup except what is wise and needed, and the d disk is tiny and so useful i wish it was bigger (factory settings).


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2012-12-28, 6:23 AM

I used the hotfix and it worked (sorta) my C drive is now EXACTLY 100gb with about 70 usable. HOWEVER the novo recovery no longer works. it can't find the stock factory backup image. so i ran disk management again AFTER the hotfix and to my amazement there is another 16gigs just sitting there unalocated! i think this contained the factory image and somehow the hotfix forgot to rebuild it and now its lost, which is fine its not the end of the world but **bleep**, a hotfix that causes more problems is NOT good. so NOW i have 116 Gigs on my C drive after extending it into the rest of the unused space and about 86 free gigs... so i'm getting happier at this point.  


as soon as they release the rest of the software to their site i'm going to do a clean install using a USB because at that point there is nothing holding me back, if something ever happens i don't care about novo recovery i'll just just the USB install again, but i want ALL my software ( the usefull stuff like the motion control stuff) .



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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2012-12-31, 22:11 PM
Right click on ( C: ) in the diagram -> Extend Volume... Extend by 50175 MB, leaving 4GB at the end. (54271 - 4096 = 50175) If you upgraded RAM to 8GB, subtract 8192 instead of 4096.
Thanks for the guide, Yikes. This eventually worked but I had some issues finding the correct partition size. With 8GB of memory, I was getting an error when trying to instal IRST on an 8192MB partition ("system not compatible" or something similar). The same happened for a number of iterations until I set 8300MB. Then it installed perfectly.

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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2012-12-31, 23:01 PM

Covert Death,


This is what happened to me too. Does this mean I can no longer go into the PC Settings, then under the General tab do the "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" option?


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2012-12-31, 23:47 PM

I used the patch (ran as admin) but the process fails. The message says another process is using the page file.  I tried in safe mode but no luck. Any ideas?


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-02, 0:29 AM

Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it. I was having the same problem in terms of failing to re-install the Intel Rapid Start driver, as I too have the 8 GB of RAM version.

But then I changed the size of the extra drive to 8192 MB, did a quick re-boot, and now the Intel Rapid Start and everything else works fine. The Lenovo hotfix did nothing for me, because I believe it was optimized for the 128 vs the 256 GB SSD version (I have the 256). But with help from others on the forum like Yikes and wingnutsglory, I don't really need the hotfix.

Thanks again,

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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-02, 13:52 PM

Shortened the story, sorry about that. Basically I might have wiped the Hard Drive willing to do a reset that didn't work. I now do have a Recovery on USB but the system doesn't want to boot from there, even though I select it specifically in the blue screen or from the F2 menu. So I am not sure how to get the system up and running again.. (It seems I cannot use OneKey Recovery since I didn't create an Image for as far as I understand.) 


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-02, 18:16 PM
Having the same issue as James4230 ... Any answers yet?

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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-05, 14:36 PM

I did the Hot fix.  I got 100gb with about 70 usable, should I do  something else to reclaim more space?. I have 55gb  left after intalling all the apps I will ever need. 55 gb can hold a lot of  Raw and jpeg files so its not bad but not perfect


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-16, 3:15 AM
Could someone please let me know how to set up the system for 8gb of RAM now that I have done the manual procedure and set up the partition for 4gb? How can I change it to 8gb? I have an 8gb chip that I have been dying to install.
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